Cabinets are highly professional products. Each cabinet required for companies and companies is produced with different processes. Different varieties and models appeal to every sector. The fact that the products are used for different purposes enables them to serve many different sectors. Each cabinet within our company is numbered to you at a high level of quality.


How Are Cabinet Prices Determined?


Cabinet prices vary according to their size and models. However, their pricing is very affordable according to their quality. Each model has its own characteristics, so their prices differ from each other. The price balance of the cabinets sold in our company varies.


Durable Cabinet Models

 Cabinet models vary according to which business will be used. We can list it as follows;

  • Material and tool cabinet
  • Metal caissons
  • Safety lockers
  • Folder cabinets
  • Filing cabinets
  • Lockers
  • Archive cabinet

All cabinets are divided into different models within themselves. For example, the archive cabinet is triple, double, and single compact, the locker cabinet has two or single doors, and file and folder cabinets vary according to the number of drawers. You can find and buy the appropriate type on the site of our company and adjust the dimensions yourself.


General Features of Cabinets


Cabinet types generally have a central lock system, that is, the user can easily come and lock with his own key. Cabinets with drawers have telescopic and bearing rail options. Cabinets with doors such as lockers have a 180-degree opening mechanism. High-quality electrostatic paint is used in all cabinets. The hinges of the cabinets are also hidden and there are lock hanging sections.

There is also a label compartment in all cabinets. In particular, material cabinets that need to be able to carry weight have the capacity to carry a load of 60 kg. Glass or plexi is used in the doors of such cabinets, that is, their insides are visible. Floor-adjusted M12 ball joint wedges are used on the legs of the cabinets, some of them are suitable for replacement.

Archive cabinets are provided in special production according to the desired dimensions and colors, and they can also be disassembled and point-welded. The cabinet is made of a 1 mm thick DKP sheet, it provides at least 60% savings in the environment with its ease of use. There are many different types of cabinets in our company. You can easily find and buy the type that suits you.



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