Compact archive cabinets are products that are used in many different areas and stand out with their functionality. Archive cabinet is widely used in companies, factories, and public institutions in general. Many files need to be stored in such areas. It is important for companies to store these files securely. 

Compact archive cabinets, specially designed for the storage of files and documents, are usually made of metal alloys. The main reason for this situation is to ensure that the cabinets are extremely robust. It is very important in terms of archiving that there is no damage to these cabinets. These cabinets, which are generally placed in the archive room, provide an organized appearance while storing documents safely. In this way, it is extremely easy to find the archive document you want. At the same time, archive cabinet models are widely used as they save space. 

Numbering and alphabetical systems are placed in these cabinets, which increase the efficiency of archiving. In this way, it is ensured that the sought-after document is easily found. This saves staff time and allows all work to progress faster. Compact archive cabinets are frequently used, especially in cases where files need to be accessed continuously. 

The archive cabinet can provide much more efficiency than an ordinary filing cabinet. At the same time, it has become the primary choice of companies for storing files securely. 

Archive Cabinet Models 

Compact compact archive cabinets are especially used in corporate companies and official organizations. In addition, it has widespread use in sole proprietorships, depending on the sector. The archive cabinet has a wide scale in terms of variety. The main reason for the variety of models is how many cabinets are used. However, the color options also contribute to the variety. 

Archive cabinet systems that ensure that documents are stored safely and regularly; It is offered for sale in single, double, triple, or quadruple form. These products, which are similar to each other in terms of design, also differ from each other in their folder capacity. Models with or without flywheels, doors, and all fixed or semi-fixed models differ in size and volume. This is one of the main points in determining capacity. 

These highly functional models are also extremely resistant to corrosion. Models with different colors such as gray, blue, yellow, and orange will easily meet all your archival needs. 

Compact Archive Cabinet System 

Compact archive systems are separated from each other by moving on rails. This provides a gain of more than 60 percent in terms of space savings. Thanks to this rail system, compact archive cabinet systems, which are widely preferred by many companies; allow you to store all important documents securely and neatly. 

File cabinets used for archives in the past years have brought many problems. These modern systems have provided solutions to all of these problems. Archive cabinet models, which protect the documents inside against water, dust, and similar environmental factors, also have a stylish appearance. These cabinets, which allow you to quickly access the files you are looking for, also increase employee performance by saving time. 

Types of Archive Cabinets You Can Use for Many Years 

An important feature of archive cabinet models is their extremely long life. When 1 millimeter thick, these cabinets, which are produced with high-quality DKP sheets, are highly resistant to factors such as falling, bumping, and hitting. Thanks to this feature, it is not easily affected by environmental physical conditions. At the same time, these products, which are painted with electrostatic powder paint, are also resistant to scratches. 

These products, which you can use for a long time without any problems, move on the rail. These rails have special production materials. Thanks to these rails, the cabinets have a functional feature that moves away from each other and approaches each other. Archive cabinet types, which increase space savings by standing together, work with an extremely simple mechanism in terms of use. Almost everyone can use this mechanism in an extremely simple way. 

Advantages of Compact Archive Cabinets 

Rail compact archive cabinets have many advantages for companies and institutions. One of these advantages is the savings they provide in terms of space. Depending on the number of cabinets used, these cabinets allow you to save more than 60

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