What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is the cutting process performed with laser cutting machines using laser technology. The logic behind laser cutting is to expose the material to be cut to laser light. The cutting effect of laser beams can be seen by burning, scratching, and scraping the material. Laser cutting is the material cut by being exposed to one or more of these processes.

Today, laser cutting can be easily used for many materials, such as wood, plastic, metal, leather, glass, and plastic. Among the materials we have mentioned, before laser technology, the material that creates the most difficulty in cutting is metal. Metal is a much more difficult material to cut and shape than many other materials, such as leather, plastic, and glass. We can say that great innovation and change have occurred in the metal industry using laser cutting techniques on metals. Cutting the metal into the desired shape and size has also resulted in a great increase in the number of products made with metal.

With the application of laser cutting on metals, obtaining a metal of the desired shape and size in many areas, especially in construction, has become a much easier task. Many sectors, especially the manufacturing industry, have benefited from the magical power of laser light.

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