After the construction of a building, the most thought-about part is undoubtedly its decoration. So much so that after the rough construction of the building is completed and the fine workmanship begins, the most important part is the design aspect of the work. It is this design part that will deserve the appreciation and attention of the customer, whether it is workplaces or residential buildings. With the development of technology and changes in production methods and techniques, there are frequent changes and developments in building designs. One of these items, which can also be described as innovation or fashion in design, is laser-cut wall panels.


Laser-cut wall panels are made with laser machines, which are one of the products where technology has reached the latest point in cutting and engraving. As it is known, laser technology is used in many different sectors. For example, you can see laser technology in devices in the healthcare industry or in weapons and vehicles in the defense industry. Laser technology is also used with great efficiency in cutting and shaping wall panels produced for decorative purposes. One of the best examples of this is undoubtedly laser-cut wall panels.

Laser-cut wall panels can be easily produced from many metals, especially aluminum and steel. In addition, these panels are easily produced from wooden boards such as chipboard. Since wooden laser-cut wall panels are not very suitable for outdoor spaces, they are produced and sold as wall panels or heating panels, especially inside residences. Metal laser-cut wall panels are a very suitable decoration element for both interiors and exteriors. The biggest reason why metal laser-cut wall panels have a wider usage area compared to wood is that they are much more resistant to deformations that may occur from the environment and time. Wooden laser-cut wall panels are not as resistant to water as metal ones. Considering that the panels are made of chipboard, it is inevitable that they will swell and completely deteriorate after a few rains. Another reason why wooden laser-cut wall panels are not preferred outdoors is The reason is the impact that may come from the environment. The wooden wall panel in the garden of the house next to the workplace is easier to scratch or break.



İkitelli Laser Cut Wall Panels

Since laser-cut wall panels have been preferred in many places lately, the number of businesses that produce and sell these panels has also increased. We can divide companies selling laser-cut wall panels into two groups. These are businesses that produce and sell or sellers who have it made by the manufacturer and sell it at a profit. Wall panels are not standard decoration products due to their structure. These panels do not have molds of a certain length or width. Residential or business owners can purchase the wall panels in the size they need based on pre-drawn designs by informing the seller or manufacturer of the dimensions they need.

Laser-cut wall panels are a product that can be easily found in the İkitelli region. Since it is an organized industrial zone, many products produced, especially in Istanbul, only reach the consumer after passing through the hands of 2nd and 3rd parties. This is not the case for laser-cut wall panels. Because the size and design of the laser-cut wall panel that everyone needs may be different, these products are not products that can be pre-produced and kept on the shelves. Even though they are ready-made and available on shelves, many end customers order laser-cut wall panels according to their own needs.

If you are not far from the İkitelli area or know someone here, you have nothing to worry about laser-cut wall panels. Because you can easily find more affordable and rich options than many sellers in İkitelli. If you don't know anyone and İkitelli is far from you and you haven't read this article until here, you can say that you know someone now. As Ponis Metal, we produce the laser-cut wall panels that our customers need, in line with all their needs and requests, with great mastery and care, and offer them to their liking.

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