Electrostatic powder paint is a type of paint that is applied in a very different way than classical paint and painting methods. Very small dust particles are placed in the spray gun and sprayed on the metal surface to be painted by pressure. After these negatively charged dust particles come into contact with the metal surface, they stick to the metal just like a magnet. In order for the particles to remain on the surface, the painted metal is thrown into painting ovens at approximately 200 degrees. In these ovens, also known as paint booths, paint particles, and metal stick to each other so much that a paint and metal surface becomes a whole. These high-grade furnaces are the biggest factor in the complete adhesion of the paint to the surface of the material.


What is Electrostatic Powder Coating?

Electrostatic powder painting is a solvent-free painting method. The fact that this type of dyeing does not contain solvents shows that it is more environmentally friendly than other dyeing processes. Electrostatic powder paint is applied via paint guns. Electrostatic paint particles stick to the surface they are applied to, just like a piece of magnet.

One of the biggest features of this painting method which is applied in special paint booths, is that it is applied with zero waste logic.


From the paint particles applied to the metal surface with a painting gun, particles that do not adhere to the surface and fall to the ground are collected, re-evaluated, and used. Since the painting process is carried out in special paint booths, the paint particles do not get dirty easily and the particles that fall on the ground or are wasted can be collected and reused for the painting process. Therefore, there is almost zero loss during the use of electrostatic powder paint. This means that more area is painted per-unit amount. 

Electrostatic powder paint application is more practical, easier, and longer lasting than other painting methods. These paints are especially used to paint the surfaces of metal items or vehicles that are intended to be used for many years. Electrostatic paints, like other types of paint, can be produced in almost any color and tone.

Electrostatic powder paint application, also known as powder coating application, can generally be used on all metal surfaces that need to be painted. Considering that the use of metals covers a wide area, the same can be said for electrostatic powder paint.

What are the Application Methods of Electrostatic Powder Paint?

Electrostatic powder paint application is generally a type of painting that occurs when paint particles from the paint gun adhere to the metal surface thanks to their electrical charges. The paint particles that come out of the paint gun and adhere to the metal surface adhere well to the surface under the influence of high heat. That adhesion process is so strong that the metal and paint almost mix and become a whole. It becomes almost impossible to separate the paint from the metal. That's why electrostatic powder paints are extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions and provide trouble-free use for many years.

The use of electrostatic powder paints consists of 3 stages. The first of these stages is cleaning and pre-treatment. The cleaning phase aims to clean the surface painted dust and metal parts that accumulate on the metal surface both during production and during waiting. The cleaning phase is very important to get a perfect result in the painting process. Because dust and unwanted metal particles on the metal prevent the paint particles from fully adhering to the metal surface. Cleaning of metal surfaces is done in two ways. These types of cleaning are the removal of organic and inorganic impurities. While acidic cleaners are used to clean from inorganic impurities, alkaline cleaners are preferred to clean from organic impurities.

The process applied after the cleaning process is the pre-treatment. In the pre-treatment process, phosphating is done on the surface. If the surface to be applied is aluminum profiles for architectural purposes, passing these profiles through a chromic acid solution gives better results.

The second stage of the electrostatic powder coating process is the step where the painting process takes place. In this step, paint particles are loaded into electrostatic paint guns. The gun provides both a negative electrical charge to the particles and the spraying of the particles onto the surface. Thanks to the electrostatic paint gun, negatively charged paint particles are sprayed toward the grounded metal surface to be painted.

The last stage of the electrostatic painting process is the baking process applied to make the painting process permanent. Paint particles on metal parts placed in heated ovens melt on the surface under the influence of high heat. The melted parts cure and create a flat surface on the metal. The firing process of metal Although it rarely varies depending on the characteristics of the paint, is generally 10 minutes at 200 degrees. This 10-minute period is the time counted after the oven reaches 200 degrees.

Advantages of Electrostatic Powder Coating

Electrostatic powder coating has many advantages over other painting processes. The most important of these advantages is the use of materials. Because there is no such thing as wasting the material in electrostatic paints. This means getting the highest efficiency from a unit amount of material. Material usage in electrostatic paints is close to 100%. Any excess powder paint particles sprayed onto the metal surface are collected and reused.

Powder paint has an easier application than wet paint using a brush. While it requires mastery to achieve the thickness and tone of the paint when painting with a brush, this is not the case for electrostatic powder paint. Since the painting process is done with a paint gun, this process can be done by almost anyone. It does not require great mastery and experience. As a result, excessively squeezed paint powders can be reused.

It is easier for electrostatic powder paints to enter recessed and pitted areas. It is very easy to achieve the same tone and thickness in narrow spaces. Electrostatic paints do not cause pollution during the painting process. In wet paints, the biggest cause of pollution is paint dripping.

Electrostatic powder paints almost become a whole with the metal material they are painted with during the baking process. This allows the metal to be used for many years without the need for painting. With this feature, electrostatic powder paints allow the user to use them for many years without painting.

Electrostatic powder paints do not require priming to obtain effective results. Thus, the dyeing process is carried out with fewer steps and less effort.

These types of paint do not require any special treatment before painting. It does not need to be mixed with solvent or any chemicals. Powder paints are placed in the spray gun as received from the manufacturer.

Electrostatic powder paints show excellent coating performance because they can reach corners and curves very easily. Compared to brush painting applications, it is very efficient in reaching difficult areas and achieving smooth painting.

İkitelli Electrostatic Powder Paint

Due to the many advantages we have mentioned above, both users and metal material manufacturers prefer electrostatic paint as their painting choice. That's why the number of businesses and companies that do this painting application is quite high. Ponis Metal, one of these companies, is one of the companies that applies electrostatic powder coating in İkitelli. At İkitelli, we try to meet the demands of both the metal products we produce and our customers. With years of experience and knowledge, we are one of the leading companies in the field of powder coating application, as in many areas in which we operate.

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