With the development of production and design technologies, new design products are coming to the market in both interior architecture and exterior architecture. Oil paintings, which we frequently saw on the walls until 10-15 years ago, have been replaced by laser-cut metal paintings in recent years. We can say that laser-cut metal paintings first appeared on the market as signs. The signboard needs, especially in the interior areas of apartments and workplaces, are products made with the logic of today's laser-cut metal table production. Over time, this method of production expanded and became a decorative item on the walls, thanks to the imagination of manufacturers and designers.


Although laser-cut metal paintings seem to be the areas where they are most used for decorative purposes in cafes and plazas, they have been seen in residences in recent years. Thanks to the modern atmosphere it provides, it is possible to see laser-cut metal paintings in many homes today.

Laser-cut metal tables are products produced by cutting and shaping 3-4 mm sheets such as steel or aluminum on laser cutting machines with programmed designs. Even though wooden panels on the walls can be easily cut with laser cutting machines, we can say that metal paintings are more durable.

Since the limits of laser cutting technology are limited only by the imagination of the designer, all kinds of shapes, figures, pictures, and emblems can be easily cut on metal sheets. The production of laser-cut metal paintings basically consists of three steps. The first of these steps is to prepare the design of the table in a computer environment. If you do not have a design that you have drawn with your imagination, the manufacturers who do this work can choose from pre-prepared designs or request modifications to those designs.

After uploading the design to the computer connected to the laser cutting machine, the second stage of production begins. At this stage, the laser-cutting machine applies the commands received from the computer to the plate. At this stage, the entire work takes place entirely between the laser cutting machine and the computer. We can say that there is no need for human power or intelligence at this stage.

The metal sheet coming out of the laser cutting machine has now taken its shape and gained the feature of a painting. After this stage, the last stage comes the painting and cleaning stage. At this stage, the painting is painted according to the customer's wishes and delivered after a thorough cleaning.

İkitelli Laser Cut Metal Painting

Since it is one of the most preferred and requested decoration products of recent years, laser-cut metal paintings have become available in almost every city and district. However, it may not always be known whether those selling these products are real manufacturers or sellers. This being the case, those who want to buy a laser-cut metal painting may need a short research. Because these products are mostly products that can be supplied directly from the manufacturer. It is very important to personally meet with the person who will produce the product and to express exactly what the customer wants in order to have a smooth shopping experience.

If you are looking for a laser-cut metal painting in İkitelli and you are reading this article, we can say that you do not need to do any further research on this subject. Because, as Ponis Metal, we are always at the service of our customers with laser-cut metal paintings designed beautifully by our designers with years of experience. We have thousands of designs In addition, we can easily design any figure, emblem, text, or picture you want and cut it on our state-of-the-art laser cutting machines. As we mentioned before, laser-cut metal paintings are products that can yield much better results when direct contact is made with the manufacturer. Since we know this very well and we always aim to offer the best, highest quality, and most affordable products to our customers, you can always come to İkitelli for your laser-cut metal table orders.

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