Shaping signs that are different from each other and that are not possible to shape with human power puts bending machines one step ahead. In this context, it helps shape the hair materials and enables millimetric calculation of the needs. The machines where these operations are carried out are a variety of functional machines with different models and different tonnages.

The parts in this mechanism consist of a lower mold, upper mold, numerical control unit, and hydraulic axes. Just as male molds take a v-shape, female molds also take a v-shape. The upper mold bends the hair by pressing on the lower mold and helps it to appear in the desired shapes. In addition, the upper mold and lower molds take the same shape. In this context, the mold is V-shaped. Guillotine scissor models are office-type, desktop, metal cutting and sliding, etc. It consists of models such as.

What is a Press Brake?

A CNC press brake is essentially called a sheet metal forming CNC press brake that allows sheet metal raw materials to be bent into the desired forms. The more primitive type is called 'Caka' or 'Cornice Brake'. With press brake bending machines, sheet metal is shaped between 2 molds. The molds in the lower mold are female molds. The mold on the upper mold is a men's mold.

As it is known, with developing technology, the control and power of computers over machines is gradually increasing. Making the machines made on press brake machines faster, easier, and with better quality also increases the competitiveness and production quality. In order to increase production quality and competitiveness, it is also related to the computer control of the press brake bending machine. Press brakes apply force to sheet metal with hydraulic pressure.

Information such as material thickness, material type and pressure to be applied are entered into the devices from the CNC control panel. After providing such information, the animation is obtained. And the product that emerged after the bending process can be seen. If any errors are encountered, all necessary changes are made to ensure the production of the desired products. Another important feature of CNC-controlled press brakes is the ability to move the back gauge. Thanks to up, down, back, and forward, the desired forms can be given to the sheet metal with more precise production. This feature is among the conveniences that CNC Ponispono has brought to Press Brake.

How to Perform Press Brake?

Press Brake process is carried out in computerized environments and CNC press brake operations are carried out with the data entered into the computers. The data we enter into computers are the type of material that needs to be bent, bending dimensions, file names, material thicknesses, bending speeds, special parameters if any, and numbers from the same bending measure. In addition, the number of pieces is called bending angles.

Points to Consider When Making Press Brake

Centered bending should be done. In other words, the workpieces must be at an equal distance from both sides of the machines, and the workpiece must rest on the supports at the back of the machines. If this feature is not taken into consideration, it is possible that the desired results cannot be obtained.

While adjusting the bending speed, the speed should be kept low because large parts are being shaped. In addition, no other parts of the body, especially hands and arms, should be placed between the lower layer and the upper layer. Another point that needs to be taken into consideration is that in order to obtain the desired shape, due attention must be paid to how or not to hold the workpieces. In this sense, it is important not to let your fingers reach the upper parts of short pieces. Because any carelessness shown may cause injuries to press brake machines. Careful use of CNC ensures that the work goes smoothly and does not suffer any subsequent disruptions while ensuring that health is not harmed.

İkitelli Press Brake

As İkitelli laser team, we aim to provide holistic services to all our customers to whom we serve as solution partners. One of the services we offer to our customers of this nature is our subcontracted press brake bending activities. Bending applications, which have been used in many areas of the industry, are meticulously applied by İkitelli Laser's professional and experienced metal production departments.

CNC press brakes are designed for heavy working conditions as a result of the use of quality raw materials. CNC, where the latest technologies are used, offers modular and easy solutions to the user by equipping world-renowned parts by processing in the field of press brake bending machines. So what advantages does a CNC press brake have?

  1. Ability to perform many bending operations consecutively
  2. Bending speeds can be adjusted
  3. Fast and automatic adjustment of guide settings
  4. Dimensions can be entered into the machine control panel
  5. File systems can be made according to the parts to be bent and file systems can be made for the control systems in the machine.
  6. There are models in different tonnages and widths.

What are the working principles of CNC press brake? In the CNC press brake, the back support positions of the parts to be bent, bending angles, bending sequences, necessary strokes, and molds are made automatically. In addition, the compatibility of the parts to be bent is automatically determined by the control unit, provided that the material information is recognized.

To talk about working systems;

  • As a result of the upper jaw being up, it descends under the effect of its own weight, and vacuums are created in the cylinder. Then, while the oil fills the cylinders from the oil tanks, the electric motors pressurize the driven pump cylinders with oil. The resulting forces bend the sheets between the molds. The lowering distance of the upper jaw is controlled by the CNC unit. After the bending process is completed, the directional control valves in the hydraulic systems change direction and the pressurized oil is sent to the lower lines of the cylinders. Finally, the upper jaw moves upwards with the pistons.
  • CNC press brake prices will be charged at different rates depending on the amount of materials to be processed within its own structure. In addition, the dimensions of the sheet metal to be processed are also among the factors affecting press brake prices. The shape, size, and processing intensity of the plate to be processed have a direct impact on press brake prices. The reason why twisting prices used to be quite high is that it was done by hand. However, with the development of today's technology, production standards have increased to enable mass production of press brakes. Press brake machines, especially where hard metals can be easily processed, are a great revolution for the industrial sector. In addition, twisting costs are decreasing significantly and their costs are being priced appropriately.

The Choice of Professionals, Ponispono

We manufacture CNC cutting and bending machines by supporting RD innovation studies where we shape the future with our machines. We continue to increase our expertise, offer you solutions, and be with you in all your problems. It is our priority to see your business as our own and produce machines that exceed your expectations in line with your demands and needs. We believe that you expect solutions that are easier to use and faster, in line with the requirements of the age, by increasing your performance with our machines, and we meet these expectations. In this process where we continue our work by valuing your wishes and demands, increasing the work efficiency of our customers is among our priorities. Another one of our indispensable principles is to produce low-cost quality products and deliver our products on time.

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