Stainless welding is called welding made using stainless steel. Stainless steels; It is known as high alloy structures containing at least 10.5% chromium. The thin but dense layer of chromium oxide formed on the surfaces of stainless steel provides a higher resistance to corrosion. Thus, oxidation is prevented from progressing deeper.



Due to this very thin amorphous layer, stainless steels gain resistance to corrosion in all non-reductive environments by remaining inactive against chemical reactions.

Today, stainless steel, of which there are more than 170 varieties, has widespread use in the industrial sector for different purposes. Due to the fact that the materials used in industrial applications are very different, it is necessary to combine these materials with different properties with each other. Therefore, the physical, metallurgical, and mechanical properties of these products, which are combined by welding with each other, should be known carefully and thoroughly.

Since there are two or more variable strain and ambient conditions, two different materials are used. Steam pipes are one of the types that we can give as an example here. Austenitic stainless steel is used at the hot ends of the vapor carrier systems at high temperatures, but a more suitable, low-alloy, ferritic steel is sufficient for the cold ends at relatively lower temperatures.

Care should be taken to combine two different types of materials by welding and to select the most suitable welding metal for this. The welding thread, which is provided by combining two different types of materials, does not only consist of additional metal. The connection contains a transition area and contains a significant proportion of alloying elements from both base materials. Especially in stainless steel welding, great care should be taken during electrode selection. Stainless steels contain Chromium and Nickel elements revealing their stainless properties. It also contains very low carbon. Therefore, the amount of Chromium, Nickel, and Carbon should be considered during wire selection. When making stainless welds, if the welding mouth is to be opened in the material planned to be welded, it should be ensured that it is removed in a proper form. The mouth of the welds that are not in a proper structure causes melting deficiencies in the root passes and side walls. When welding stainless steel, precautions must be taken against all forms and possible situations.

Stainless Welding Types

Stainless welding is defined as the process in which two or more pieces of metal or thermoplastic are bonded together using pressure and heat. During the application of heat, the material softens and when sufficient pressure is applied, it is bonded together in a joint area. The welding process to be used varies according to various factors. The shape and thickness of the material are among the factors that help in which method is used. Flux-core, arc, electro-slag, gaseous metal-arc, gas tungsten-arc, shielded-metal arc, submerged arc, and tungsten inert gas are among the most commonly used stainless welding methods.

If we need to talk about the types of welding, first of all, Ark welding can be mentioned. Arc welding is a form of welding that is most well-known due to the lower cost of the process. The process begins with a vehicle that delivers an electric current. This tool varies greatly from process to process, but it serves to ensure that electric current always travels through materials without which it would not be conductive. The reason why this is called arc welding is that it creates an electric current between the materials to be welded, which gives a belt-like appearance. Today, there are many different varieties.

Electroslag Welding, on the other hand, is a method that has been put into practice after the 1950s. It is called the fast welding process used to join materials similar to thick free-cutting steel plates. Electroslag welds are designed to weld at this angle without causing deterioration in welding machines. These plates or materials are arranged in a vertical position. It is designed to prevent only molten slag in the device from being liquefied and spilled into other similar areas. They are also derived from the use of water-filled copper fields. It is often preferred for easy transportation of materials.

Another source, Core Welding, has emerged to present the use of the most well-known rod welding in another way. Since the flux-cored process is usually an automated form of welding, these resources are used for projects that are fast and require more speed.

Gas Metal Arc Welding is also known as another type of automatic welding work. The gas metal arc welding method consists of using a welding gun that automatically feeds the weld metal from the gun during use. In this method, which emerged in the 1940s, the welding gun also serves to automatically disperse a protective gas from natural elements as a shield or shield. It is a method that saves a lot of time. It is also used more and more in automobile repair and manufacturing.

If we talk about Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, we can say that gas tungsten arc welding can be shown as one of the most difficult and time-consuming welding processes used today. The reason for this is that the area between the arc welding of the flame and the welded material is small, so it requires a large amount of focus and mastery. Ponis Metal performs this method expertly, as in all stainless-steel welding works. When these processes, which are not difficult for our company, are done correctly, extremely strong and high-quality resources emerge.

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding is a welding process that uses gas to protect the welded metal. The gas prevents the weld metal from being affected by natural elements in the environment, such as oxygen. This is something that serves to make the process quick. It is widely used indoors, and it is one of our processes that does not require excessive skill or mastery during use. In general, welding is done in any desired position. Since the electrode feeding continues without stopping, a long weld seam can be pulled without stopping.

Plasma Arc Welding is known as a method that requires skill in the welding process, such as the gas tungsten arc process and requires attention during the process. In this process, the gas is separated from the tungsten arc method by using a different torch.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding is also known as rod welding. It is the most widely used method in the welding of stainless steel. It has been constantly evolving since its introduction in 1938. Submerged Arc Welding is only used properly on high-iron materials such as stainless steel. They are devices that we weld very quickly. There are automatic or semi-automatic forms. Although it is done quickly, it is necessary to constantly cover the metal with flux in order to protect the metal from the atmosphere during welding. In addition, this method prevents any welding spatter during welding.

Finally, TIG welding is very similar to metal arc processes. The difference between the two is that since tungsten is used in tungsten welding processes, it is necessary to use an additional filler that is placed inside the fusible welding device. It is a versatile welding method used for all materials and applications that can be welded with TIG welding. The area of application of this type of welding is stainless steel, nickel, and aluminum alloys.

It has been used in welding processes of these alloys since 1930. Argon welding is slow compared to other sources. Since they are slow, the heat input is low. Thanks to the low heat inputs, it becomes possible to remove precise workmanship after welding.


How to Make Stainless Welding?

Before welding stainless, you need to assemble the appropriate materials to be welded. Simply, a welding construction is as follows; You can start by cleaning the metal parts to be welded. However, in the meantime, you can use a wire brush, paying attention to rubbing. You also need to remove the surface oxide layer for a better result. Here, you must apply a suitable flux to remove the oxide, that is, to facilitate the welding. The biggest advice we will give you here is to use the tip of the welding machine to put the fondant in place if necessary.

Then you need to heat the metal. In this case, you need to reuse a low flame and the tip of the welding machine to properly heat the metal part in the welding area. On the other hand, you can heat without difficulty. In order to weld stainless steel, you need to place the welding machine on the affected area until it does not melt. When the solder melts, you can remove the object you used. After stainless steel welding, the substances should be washed with acid so that they do not rust. However, acid should never be smeared on the person who will perform the pickling process. The person who will perform the acid treatment should use special clothing and equipment. When stainless welding processes are not done by suitable, well-equipped people, things that are very difficult to compensate for or do not exist may occur. All these processes should be done by expert teams. When you need stainless steel welds, it will be sufficient to contact our company.


Advantages of Stainless Welding

Stainless welds have many advantages. When choosing machinery, filter equipment, or pipes for your facilities, attention should be paid to the material of the equipment; quality is very important in this regard. The most reliable equipment is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is resistant to all kinds of corrosion and heat. It is made using the chrome and steel it contains. It shows unique durability compared to many substances. It is also extremely easy to clean. In short, they are healthy, durable, and hygienic resources.

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