Product Description

Transformer locks are among the locks that have different usage areas. Thanks to the transformer locks, which have a great place in electrical panels, you can use your devices more reliably and functionally. Transformer locks also have the feature of locking the door parts by pushing.

Transformer locks, which do not require a special connection apparatus for lockouts, have a structure that can be opened by pushing the tongue from the inside when they are in the locked position. Transformer locks, which have an extremely wide range of applications, are used in generators, compressors, electrical panels, and machine covers.

The body parts of the transformer locks, which make every area where they are used more functional, are also resistant to environmental factors. Transformer locks, which you can use for many years in space conditions, are among the locks you can have with the assurance of Ponis Pano.

Transformer Lock Prices

Transformer locks, each of which is designed and offered to you at world quality standards, are designed with 1st class quality materials and presented to you. By using transformer locks, which are extremely simple to install and use, you can add speed and confidence to your work.

The prices of transformer locks may vary depending on the technical features and model of the product you choose. Among the transformer locks designed to be compatible with different types of systems, some models can be compatible with almost all systems. You can have the models you want by taking a look at the transformer locks that suit your budget and needs.

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