File cabinets are metal cabinets used as storage areas for all kinds of documents and files that need to be kept in offices, large institutions and organizations, holdings, companies, and factories. The accumulation of documents for a long time reveals the need for office filing cabinets over time.  

These metal cabinets are specially produced to easily store documents and files in offices and companies. In this way, the files in the relevant area are protected in order and organization, and easy access to the sought-after documents is provided. 

Numbering and alphabetical order are applied to increase the functional features of office filing cabinets. The purpose of this system is not to waste time trying to access a file but to access the file simply. The shortage of places to put the files accumulated in companies and institutions has led to an increase in the need for metal filing cabinets. These cabinets must be produced using steel material to make the cabinet more durable and durable. 

All cabinets used in offices have a specific purpose and must serve this purpose. File cabinets are also indispensable for placing documents such as files, documents, and folders in workplaces. 


Factors to Consider When Buying a File Cabinet 

Filing cabinets are a product needed in institutions such as hospitals, government offices, banks, factories, and schools where a lot of documents and files accumulate. Steel filing cabinets are used to both store these documents and to access them without much trouble when searched, and they are very functional. Metal filing cabinets are very important in government offices. While arranging documents with government approval, it also makes life easier with the possibility of storing them in a secure environment. 

File cabinets, which are fixtures of institutions and organizations, help to store documents most healthily from the past years to the present. However, while it prevents loss of time while processing in businesses and institutions, on the other hand, it prevents the confusion between the files from increasing the business volume by ensuring the order of the files. 

File cabinets are known as ergonomic and highly functional storage areas where all documents belonging to verbal, numerical, or visual data with document and information features are stored. Accessing files and documents quickly is very important, especially in business life, as time is racing. By saving time, it is a convenience that prevents loss of time while trying to access the document in a file located in the layout. 

Metal filing cabinets can be custom-made in different materials, sizes, and colors. For files and documents to have a tidy and orderly appearance, file cabinets are given a lot of space in workplaces today. These cabinets prevent confusion between documents and clutter in rooms, especially in multiple workspaces. These cabinets, which are produced using extremely durable materials, are equipped with advanced security systems. These cabinets, which are brought together with the user by applying high-level quality standards, play an active role in the protection of important files and documents. 

File cabinets, which are produced based on the innovations of technology, come with different alternatives with rails, bidirectional, flywheels, and single doors. Due to these structures, its ergonomics and all functional features increase user comfort and save space in narrow spaces at the same time. 

File cabinets, which aim to eliminate the problems of searching, placing, or finding documents and documents, provide safe storage while saving the user's time and effort. 

Since Melik is produced with metal materials, the filing cabinet where you store your most important files and documents is not adversely affected by natural disasters such as possible fire and earthquake. So much so that with the secure lock system, your documents and information that you want to protect against the approaches of malicious parties will remain safe. You can buy the filing cabinet in any color option you want with the difference of Ponis Metal. Our company is based on quality standards in all its products and offers them to the user at attractive prices. 

Metal filing cabinets can be specially produced for you in the sizes and colors you want according to the width of the area you need. However, it is available in standard sizes in filing cabinets. These standard sizes differ according to double, triple, and quadruple cabinets. With these cabinets, which are rich in function, it is possible to save even narrow spaces as you wish. 

The smallest of the filing cabinets produced by the rail system has an average width of 100 cm, a

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