Product Description

Cabinet Material: Eregli Iron and Steel Dkp 0.70 mm sheet metal, on which electrostatic powder paint was applied.

Foot Material:  Electrostatic powder paint was applied on the plinth made of sheet metal.

Dimensions: Width:92cm Depth: 40cm Height: 100cm

Product Feature: Single shelf, Adjustable portable shelf system, High-level file chrome locking system locking from 3 zones

Color: Body GRAY 7035 - Cover GRAY 7035

Surface Care: You can wipe your cabinets with a damp cloth. Avoid contact of the surface with water for a long time.

Warranty Period: 2 YEARS

Usage Areas: Schools, Hospitals, Government Offices, Industry, Construction, Banking, Shopping Malls, Factories, Military, Automotive, Pharmacies, Chemistry, Laboratory, Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Workshops, Restaurants, Transportation, Packaging, Machinery, Logistics, Textile, Electronics, Tourism, Retail, Mining, Markets, Manufacturing, Production, Enterprises, etc.

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