Map plan cabinets are the name given to metal cabinets where projects, documents, plans, and maps are stored. These cabinets are manufactured in a lockable way. It is widely used in offices, painting and exhibition spaces, engineering firms, design companies, and government offices. Map plan cabinets are designed with drawers and have a key lock mechanism. In addition, an extra lock mechanism can be used in the cabinets. In this way, unauthorized people are prevented from accessing the files. 

DKP sheet metal is generally used in the manufacture of these cabinets. These materials make it much more durable than its wooden competitors. There is a plinth under the map plan cabinets. These cabinets have a central locking system. All drawers can be locked or opened at once from a central point. 

How to Produce Map Plan Cabinets? 

The question of how to make a map plan cabinet attracts the curiosity of many users. The first thing that can be said about the manufacture of these cabinets is that it involves extremely long stages. In map cabinets made of metal sheets, 0.70 mm sheet metal is generally used. These steel sheets start to process in coils or flats. The first stage is the cutting of the material in the desired dimensions and shapes on the sheet metal cutting machine. After cutting, the sheet material goes to the punch press machines. Drilling operations are carried out in these machines. 

After the sheets are punched in these machines, they are bent in CNC machines. The bent sheet metal is welded together by welding machines. After the appearance of the steel cabinet, the cleaning phase is started before painting. Rust, dirt, and grease on the cabinet are removed. Then, it is painted using electrostatic powder paint. The painting process must be done flawlessly. If there are problems during the painting phase, the cabinets experience rust problems in the future. After the painting process, the cabinets entering the ovens bake at temperatures of 200 degrees. In this way, the sheet metal surface becomes much more resistant to scratches and impacts. After the firing process, the assembly of the painted products begins. 

All parts of the map plan cabinet, which is one of your biggest helpers at work, go through many different trials. Materials that successfully pass these trials are made ready for sale. Deficiencies in any of these manufacturing stages can lead to serious problems in the future. For this reason, when buying cabinets, it is recommended that you choose reliable and well-known brands. 


Where is the Map Plan Cabinet Used? 

The map plan cabinet can generally be used in architecture and engineering firms, design companies, government offices, private companies, and project and mapping companies, in short, in all areas that make various plans. 

These locked metal cabinets, where maps, projects, plans, and important documents are stored, are one of the indispensable products of this type of company. Thanks to these cabinets, the plans are stored both neatly and safely. These cabinets help you organize plans with their drawers. Thanks to the fact that it is locked, it prevents unauthorized people from accessing these plans. At the same time, cabinets made of extremely durable metal have a much higher strength than their wooden counterparts in cases such as fire and flood. These cabinets can be easily adapted to the aesthetic appearance of the company with their modern designs. 

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Map Plan Cabinet? 

A map plan cabinet is among the main needs of many companies. There are some factors to consider when choosing one of these cabinets for your business. One of these elements is your needs. The cabinet you will buy should meet all your needs. At this point, you need to consider your workload. So you can also decide how many map plan lockers you need. 

Once you have determined your needs, you should pay attention to the quality of the cabinet. The quality of a cabinet is determined by the material, potential, and personnel used by the manufacturer. It can be stated that when a quality material, a modern facility, and expert staff come together, the best map plan cabinets will emerge. For this reason, you need to pay attention to these three points separately. A quality and durable map plan cabinet allows you to have products that you will use for many years. Finally, you should also evaluate the

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