Metal caissons are especially preferred in workplaces, companies, and factories. It is produced for employees to put their personal and work belongings. They will have dimensions that will not be too large so that they fit right under the table. In this way, they can easily keep all the necessary items next to them in an orderly manner. The products sold in our structure have a very modern and durable structure. The metal caisson will be presented to you in different sizes. In this way, it is possible to purchase the appropriate product from our company. 

Metal Caisson Models 

Metal caisson models vary according to the area of use. Their overall length and width are the same since they are used under the table, and wheels are used on their feet. Thus, it is easier to take it from one place to another. They are quite easy to carry as they are not too heavy drawers. 

We can list the models as follows; 

  • Standard rail caisson with 4 drawers and pen holder
  • Standard rail caisson with 4 drawers
  • Standard rail caisson with 3 drawers
  • Standard rail caisson with 2 drawers 

They all appear to be of the same type. There are wooden-look or metal models. 

Other colors can also be used in the drawers upon request. Our company, which will provide you with different color models in the best way, provides trouble-free service in this regard. 


Types of Metal Caissons 

Types of metal caissons; It appears in different categories as 2 drawers, 3 drawers, and 4 drawers. Depending on the type of metal caisson, its dimensions and size differ. Although metal caissons with 2-3-4 drawers are widely available in the market, special designs can also be made upon request. In short, the number of drawers may vary according to the purpose of use. Since metal caissons have a secure lock system, you can store important documents with peace of mind.  

Since metal caisson types have a central locking system, all drawers are locked at the same time. Metal caissons, which are widely used in workplaces, are also frequently used in homes today. Since metal caissons have different numbers of drawers according to their types, it is necessary to choose according to the needs. The fact that metal caissons used in large workplaces have a large number of drawers provides more usefulness.  

You can get detailed information about our metal caisson types by contacting us through our company. Depending on your usage area and purpose, you can choose from our 2-drawer, 3-drawer, or 4-drawer models. You can visit our company to have quality metal caisson cabinets. You can take advantage of our advantages by relying on our years of experience. 


Metal Caisson Drawer 

Metal caisson drawers are very useful for personnel, especially in workplaces. In metal caisson drawers, employees can safely store their belongings. These drawers are found in many workplaces because they have a sturdy locking mechanism. Depending on the size of the offices, there are differences in the number and size of drawers. Small workplaces and places that employ fewer workers prefer drawers with standard dimensions. 

The reliability of metal caisson drawers expands the area of use. These products, which are mostly used in workplaces, are also widely used in homes today. Valuables in homes are often placed in metal caisson drawers. The fact that the material from which these drawers are obtained is metal gives confidence to people as it increases their durability. Thanks to the metal caisson drawers, you can both store documents containing valuable information and place the documents more organized. 

Since metal caisson drawers provide order in the room, it becomes easier to find what you are looking for. You can get detailed information about the structure and use of metal caisson drawers by contacting us through our company. You can get support by contacting our expert team. At the same time, you can review our products and services on our website. If you want to take advantage of quality metal caisson drawers, you can visit our company. 


Metal Caisson Cabinet 

Metal caisson cabinets are useful products that are widely used in offices and offices today, and have a lockable feature. The wheels at the base of the metal caisson cabinets allow them to be easily moved from

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