Safety lockers are highly functional cabinet models designed for staff and personnel to store their personal belongings according to their needs. The steel safety cabinet, which is produced from different models of standard or special size, on the other hand, allows your living spaces to save space. It is useful to pay attention to some points when purchasing a safety cabinet, which has a high level of durability depending on its metal structure. 

The fact that each door has its own storage space and lock system in safety cabinets is among the features that ensure the safety of these products. Thanks to the storage areas divided into compartments, you can keep all your belongings in the safety locker in an orderly manner. Safety lockers are among the most preferred products for storing private documents, important items, or personal information. The fact that it is durable since it is metal brings with it the possibility of long-lasting use. 

Types of Safety Lockers 

Because they are functional in living spaces and workplaces, there are three types of safety cabinets as standard, where you can store your personal belongings or documents and private documents belonging to the workplace. These varieties are known as 5-compartment safety lockers, 10-compartment safety cabinets, and 15-compartment safety lockers. Safety lockers, which can be used for many purposes, are very reliable. Since there is a padlock system, the staff and employees can reliably store their valuables, documents, or documents in these steel cabinets by attaching the padlocks they have brought to the safety locker designed in accordance with the padlock system. 

Staff or employees who want to use the safety locker can safely leave the safety locker by storing their valuables, documents, or documents in the safety locker and then locking it. 

Safety lockers are used not only in workplaces but also in areas that many people visit on a daily basis, such as shopping malls. Customers who do not want to walk around the shopping center with bags in their hands can put their bags and valuables in the safety locker, lock the safety locker, and do their shopping with peace of mind with their keys. 

The dimensions of all safety cabinets are also standard. The height of the safety cabinets is 180 cm and the depth is 40 cm. The width of these products varies from 120-80 and 42 depending on the model. Depending on the special request, the depth, height, and width of the safety cabinets may vary. In our company, if you wish, you can find safety lockers with much larger storage space such as 30 compartments, 28 compartments, and 15 compartments. 

Safety cabinet models are produced not only in steel but also in wood and plastic. Among these options, the most reliable and preferred type of safety cabinet is, of course, steel cabinets. Steel safety cabinets are products made of dkp sheets. For this reason, it provides extremely durable and long-lasting use. Since there is a key lock system in steel safety cabinets, it is safe in terms of storing items and placing valuables. 

Wooden safety cabinets are less popular than steel safety cabinets. These models are generally suitable for student use in schools. It is suitable for use in the storage of items such as clothes rather than valuables. In addition, students can easily put their books in wooden cabinets. It is noteworthy that these models mostly have an electronic lock system. This system is preferred because it offers practicality to users. Wooden safety cabinets, which are used quite simply, continue to be used today. 

The most important feature that distinguishes plastic safety cabinets from other types of cabinets is that the interior of the cabinet is suitable for selection. In this way, it is possible to understand whether the cabinet is full or not with a simple process. These types of cabinets are often used in shopping malls. Plastic safety cabinets, which can provide comfort in different areas according to the need, are ideal for storing items such as bags and coats in shopping malls. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Safety Locker 

There is a difference in the types of safety cabinets according to the usage area. Certain features such as function, structure, and size of these products are factors that directly affect the way they are used. Before purchasing a safety locker, you need to choose the color suitable for the area you want to use. Choosing among many safety locker alternatives requires care as it directly affects user satisfaction. In particular,

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