Shower lockers are very functional and durable products that you can see in many different areas. You can see these cabinets used in gyms, swimming pools, dormitories, and many public places. 

These cabinets have many different alternatives from different models. In this way, it is possible to reach aesthetic products as well as functional options for your business. These models, which generally vary according to the number, size, and shape of the doors, also have many different color options. One of the most important aspects of these products is that they should be designed to be very long-lasting. Cabinets; It has a high resistance ability against all kinds of impacts, impacts, scratches, and external factors such as corrosion. 

These cabinets can also have different numbers of shelves in terms of functionality. At this point, it is possible to find many options for your needs and to design them specially. At the same time, these cabinets ensure the safety of users' belongings in public areas. Among the cabinets with key systems, there are also options where you can install padlocks as an extra. 

Depending on the needs of your business, you can choose any of the shower  lockers and start taking advantage of all these advantages in a short time. Thanks to the fact that shower shower lockers provide customer satisfaction, you can attract more people to your business. 


Shower Locker Cabinet Models 

Shower lockers are products that you can encounter at many points in daily life. These products are often used in hotels, gyms, pools, factories, schools and various workplaces. These cabinets, which are preferred for customer satisfaction in some businesses, are used for personnel in many areas. These cabinets, which users use as a storage area for their clothes and personal belongings, have many different models. Among the models, you can see variations depending on features such as single-door, two-door, three-door, four-door, and inclined roof. The fact that the cabinets are side by side, upside down, or z-type is another factor that contributes to diversification. 

While the doors of the flat door models open 180 degrees, the doors of the z-type shower locker models open 90 degrees. Depending on the model you prefer, there may be a different number of shelves in the cabinet. In addition, you have metal or plastic hanger options in the cabinets. One of the features common to all models is the use of high-quality electrostatic paint. This paint cabinet has the ability to protect against scratches. At the same time, you can paint all cabinet models in the colors you want. 

There may be features such as cabinets and labels in the models, as well as ventilation shutters on the doors. These shutters are available in some models as single and some models as double. The legs of the shower locker cabinet models can be changed in the form of conical or pingo, depending on your preference. At the same time, hinges are hidden in all of these models. This helps you achieve a more stylish look. These cabinets, which are also keyed, ensure the safety of the users. It is also possible to achieve extra security by installing padlocks on shower lockers. You can choose different models according to your needs and meet all the expectations of your staff and customers. 

These models may include many different features depending on the alternative you prefer. One of them is dimensions. Cabinets have many different size options. In this way, you have the chance to choose cabinets of different sizes depending on your business. 


Ensure Your Safety with Shower Lockers 

The most important aspect of shower lockers is their functional features. Thanks to these cabinets, you can enable your staff or customers to place their belongings depending on the area of use. Regardless of which of the cabinet types you prefer, all products ensure the safety of users. 

In a gym or pool, your customers can safely do sports by placing their personal belongings in their cabinets. In addition, employees in businesses such as factories can lock their clothes by placing them in these cabinets. Thanks to keyed locks, there is no chance for anyone to access these cabinets. It can only

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