Folder cabinets are highly functional products that are frequently used in many companies today. In the folder cabinets, there are mostly documents related to workplaces and important documents. Folder cabinets; It is also found in areas such as schools and homes, but they are mostly preferred in offices. In offices, the use of these cabinets is very important for the security of information. At the same time, these cabinets, which are used in workplaces, provide the order of the environment and ensure that the documents sought are easily found. 




One of the most important features when choosing folder cabinets is that they are durable. If these products are durable, they can be used for many years without any problems. Since the folder cabinets are solid in structure, they show the expected performance at a high level. At the same time, these cabinets are extremely resistant to external impacts. The fact that the folder cabinets do not scratch makes them look like new even though it has been a long time since they were used.  

The most effective reason for the durability of the folder cabinets, which are preferred by all large and small companies to place their files and provide order, is that they are made of sheet metal. Since the production material is sheet metal, it resists impacts and prevents any scratches and distortions. The factors that determine the capacity of the folder cabinets are the thickness and size of the sheet. Workplaces should choose cabinets suitable for their size. It is necessary to choose the right type of folder cabinet in accordance with the usage area and purpose. You can get detailed information by contacting us through our company.  

Tips for Folder Cabinets 

Folder cabinets are frequently preferred in many small and large businesses. But the important thing is that they make the right choice in accordance with the needs of the workplace. Large offices need more large folder cabinets. In this way, the order of the documents in the offices is ensured and the required documents can be found instantly. At the same time, small folder cabinets are very useful in workshop-style places.  

The interiors of the folder cabinets also differ according to their types. The order in which the files will be placed in the cabinet should be determined and the choice should be made accordingly. The paints of the folder cabinets maintain their vitality on the first day for many years. The reason for this is that the paint material is electrostatic powder paint. The dimensions of folder cabinets generally stand out in three different categories; They are listed as folder cabinets with 3 drawers, 4 drawers, and 2 drawers. Cabinets of different sizes are preferred according to the needs.  

The presence of a central lock system in the folder cabinets ensures that the documents contained in them are reliably protected. At the same time, folder cabinets appear in two different ways bearing rail and telescopic rail. Since different types of folder cabinets have different features, it becomes easier for users to choose.  

You can obtain types of folder cabinets, which are widely used especially in offices and offices, through our company. You can review our services and products on our website. You can visit our company for high-quality folder cabinets. 


How Are Folder Cabinets Manufactured? 

Folder cabinets go through many stages while manufacturing and the operations performed at each stage are very important. Steel folder cabinets, which are one of the types of folder cabinets, appear in the form of a flat plate before they are manufactured. Thanks to the machines and workmanship used, it becomes a useful cabinet while it is a flat plate. The material from which the folder cabinets are obtained is known as the dkp sheet. It is extremely durable as it is obtained from a DKP sheet.  

Before the folder cabinets are obtained, the dkp sheet is cut to the specified dimensions with a sheet metal cutting machine. Then, the cut pieces are subjected to the pressing process on the steel plate. Pressing operations are carried out using press machines. Therefore, for the resulting cabinets to be of high quality, the press machines must also be of high quality. The metal sheets that go through the pressing process are ready for the assembly and painting stage.  

Installation and painting of folder cabinets are carried out in different ways according to their types. The area of use directly affects the assembly process. At the same time, folder cabinets used in offices are often preferred in certain colors. By contacting us through our company, you can get detailed information about how folder cabinets are supplied and how to use them. You can also get technical support for folder cabinets from our expert team. You can visit our company to review our services. 


Usage Areas of Folder Cabinets 

Folder cabinets come in varieties with different features. The 2-drawer, 3-drawer and 4-drawer models are among the most widely used models. The usage areas of different models of folder cabinets are also different from each other. Folder cabinets in general; It is used in offices, offices, enterprises, workshops, workshops, factories, schools, hospitals, gyms, and shopping malls. In short, folder cabinets are products suitable for use in almost all sectors.  

Although there are different models of folder cabinets made of wood or metal, steel folder cabinets are mostly preferred. Steel folder cabinets also provide ease of use in all sectors. It is one of the ideal cabinet types especially for students, workers, and authorized personnel to archive important documents. Steel models are both more durable and safer. For this reason, it is more common to see important documents stored in steel folder cabinets.  

You can get detailed information about the types and usage areas of folder cabinets by contacting us through our company. At the same time, you can visit our website and examine our range of folder cabinets. You can supply quality cabinets by relying on our years of experience. Since our cabinets are of high quality, you can easily use them for many years. You can get support about our folder cabinets by contacting our expert team.  

The Importance of the Size of Folder Cabinets 

When supplying folder cabinets, it is necessary to pay attention to their size. Because the features of the folder cabinet models needed according to the purpose and area of the companies differ. For example, in offices with large and large numbers of documents, it is recommended to use cabinets with larger dimensions. Companies with a lot of documents prefer models with 4 drawers. Thanks to the large folder cabinets, it is ensured that a large number of documents are placed in a more organized way.  

An important detail about steel folder cabinets is that the size of the usage area should be determined carefully. For example, if the size of the usage area is 3 meters, the size of the folder cabinet to be used should be at most 3 meters. Otherwise, the cabinet may not fit, which negatively affects the performance of the cabinet. Small businesses, on the other hand, prefer models with 2 or 3 drawers. 

You can contact us through our company and examine our folder cabinets with various sizes. At the same time, you can contact us to provide specially designed cabinets with dimensions suitable for your usage area. If you want to get high efficiency from the cabinets, you need to choose according to your usage area and purpose. You can get detailed information and support by contacting our expert team.  

What are the Types of Folder Cabinets? 

Among the types of folder cabinets today, the most commonly used ones are those obtained from wood and metal materials. Since the properties of the folder cabinets differ according to the material from which they are obtained, the usage area and purpose should be considered when choosing. Recently, steel folder cabinets have been more widely preferred than those made of wood. The reason for this is that the metal is more durable and long-lasting.  

Steel folder cabinets are both durable and very low cost. For this reason, it is seen that steel folder cabinets are used in many workplaces and schools today. Steel folder cabinets can be used for a long time without any problems as they are highly resistant to any impact and scratches that may come from outside. Another advantage of steel folder cabinets is that they have a highly advanced locking system.  

Since metal cabinets are more robust and sheltered than wooden cabinets, they create an area where workers can keep their belongings safely, especially in workplaces. Wooden folder cabinets, on the other hand, are mostly preferred in businesses with a small number of personnel. Especially in enterprises where the risk of theft is minimal, wooden folder cabinets are widely used. You can examine our range of folder cabinets on our website and easily obtain the most suitable model for you. 


How To Assemble Folder Cabinets? 

The assembly phase of folder cabinets is very important. For the cabinets to maintain their durability, they must be installed firmly and correctly. One of the biggest advantages that folder cabinets provide is that they are portable. Thanks to this feature, it can be easily moved from one place to another. After the installation of these cabinets, the transportation process is completed, and the assembly process is completed.  

The lock system of the folder cabinets appears as a password or locked model. In this way, the documents contained in it can be protected. At the same time, you can strengthen security with the alarm system according to the importance of the documents in these cabinets.  

You can get detailed information about the installation and use of folder cabinets by contacting our expert team through our company. You can easily review our quality and affordable cabinets and the services we offer on our website.  

Price Range of Folder Cabinets 

The price range of folder cabinets is determined by some criteria. The main factors affecting the prices of these cabinets are; The DKP sheet quality from which it is obtained is listed as paint and lock system. At the same time, the prices of folder cabinets can be shaped according to the general price situation of the market.  

As Ponis Metal, we have prepared a variety of high-quality and durable cabinets for you. By contacting us through our company, you can have detailed information about the features, installation, and prices of our cabinets. You can visit our company and examine our cabinets in detail. If you want to have extremely durable cabinets that come out as a result of quality workmanship, we are waiting for you in our company. 

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