Material and tool cabinets are an indispensable part of offices, workshops, and factories. Steel tool cabinets are designed in different models and allow hand tools, documents, documents, and materials in the workplace to be kept in a neat and organized manner for a long time. 

Since the material and tool cabinet is made of steel DKP sheet, it is highly resistant to fire. In places where active work is carried out, such as factories and workplaces, cabinet models that serve as toolboxes will make valuable materials, documents and documents, and metal tools and materials much safer in the cabinets. 

Tool cabinets with metal structures are very durable and offer durability against any adverse situation. By storing your materials inside the tool cabinets, you can both ensure their safer protection and prevent situations such as loss. 

Material and tool cabinets make the living spaces where they are used much more organized with their functional aspects. These products are made of DKP sheet metal with high-quality standards. In this way, it offers long-lasting usage comfort and allows the materials to be stored for many years without any problems


Things to Consider When Buying Material and Tool Cabinets 

Material and tool cabinets are products that are produced with various functional features but do not take up too much space. It can be easily used even in limited spaces such as bedrooms. Since tool cabinets are a product that can be used for storing materials in work areas, and workplaces, they allow you to get a much more organized working environment. As with other products, there are no mounted parts in these cabinet models. 

The material cabinet with steel shelves is assembled with spot welding machines. In this way, it becomes much more robust against impacts. With its metal body and welding structure, you can use steel-material cabinets with peace of mind for many years without any problems.   

The tool cabinets, which allow all materials to be collected together, are painted with high-quality and durable electrostatic powder paint and then baked in a paint oven at 200 degrees. Due to this process, the surface of the cabinet becomes much more resistant to scratches and possible problems.   

The most important advantage of material cabinets is that they are locked. Since it is locked, the documents, files, tools, and hand tools inside are extremely safe. The lock system preferred in material cabinets has a locking mechanism from 3 different points and a mortise lock system is available. Material cabinets can be easily locked with a key lock. 

In full tool cabinets, drawers in drawer models have a rail system and telescopic rail system. Thanks to these telescopic rails, when you want to open the drawers, they open 100%. Thus, it becomes much easier for you to access all the materials in the drawers. As Ponis Metal, we offer you the material and tool cabinets that we produce by applying high-quality standards at attractive prices. You can purchase the most suitable model for you from a variety of tool cabinets with features that can meet your needs by visiting our website.  

Material and tool cabinets can be produced in special sizes according to the area where they are used. Doors, dimensions, and the interior design of the product are completely designed according to the user's demand, these products are perfect for you to provide the order and order you expect. Designed with different features according to the purpose and place of use, tool cabinets are available in many alternatives. The common feature of these cabinets is that the inner chamber is very large. Material cabinets, which are purchased to store heavy materials, are manufactured to be extremely durable to carry these weights healthily.   

Tool and material cabinets can offer you the organizational performance you expect from a tool bag. In this sense, cabinet models with many options may differ in terms of features according to their types. However, in general terms, they all have similar qualities.  

All of the products using padlocks and square locks are designed from 6112 DKP sheet metal, which has the highest quality, in special sizes according to personal demands. In addition, electrostatic paint and ball joint feet have been used to ensure trouble-free use and resistance for many years. The color of the cabinet varies according to customer request.   

In the cabinets covered with glass, recessed handles, and plexi glass are used together. The fact that it has a solid steel construction while welding is the most important proof of the durability of the product. Quality is prioritized in shelf and drawer

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