Distribution panels have a structure in which the electricity supply is distributed through the building. These panels are considered the main electricity supply system for any commercial or residential building. After the main cable arrives at the distribution panel, it is distributed to secondary circuits through breakers.  For maximum performance of the device, proper power distribution must be ensured. Distribution boards are also important for safety.

Single-door panels are used in simple applications. Single-door distribution panels available in 4-way, 8-way, and 16-way configurations are preferred. Double-door panels are used in more heavy-duty applications. Double door distribution panels are preferred for application and number of connections.

Basic Features of Distribution Panels

An important part of distribution boards is fused. Fuses are recognized as an important component of the distribution board because they do not allow overcurrent to pass through your circuits. When there is an overcurrent, fuses protect your devices and all electrical hazards in your home or office.

Apart from security, the design of distribution boards is also important. Gone are the days when distribution panels could spoil the overall decoration and aesthetics of your home and office. Wide distribution panel designs allow you to use these products without compromising your decoration.

There should be enough space for the wires with an easy installation procedure. The frames should not allow for any possibility of error during installation. A well-placed and easy-to-use distribution board ensures that the electrical distribution system is long-lasting and reliable.

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