Transport trolleys are robust and high-functional cabinet derivatives used safely in industrial areas. In terms of production features, it is used by selecting the appropriate trolley for work and purpose.

It is generally used to carry and store tools and equipment in heavy-duty environments. Cabinet systems, which can be defined as tool-carrying platforms, provide great convenience as an order and security system.


What is a Transport Trolley?


It is a platform used in industrial areas and used for the protection and transportation of tools by classifying them. It is generally referred to as a tool-tool cart. They are tools that can keep all the tools necessary for the technical team together and ensure that they are used as needed.

They are wheeled and designed to prevent spillage and spillage during the transportation process. Transport trolleys, which are widely used in industrial areas, can also be used for special purposes.

This is because it acts as a toolbox, allowing metal tools to be easily transported instead of being carried by hand. In addition to tool safety and ease of transportation, the trolley is also a guarantee of user health.

Use of the Transport Trolleys in Production

Transportation trolleys that provide tool safety and protection in terms of production features have a wide range of uses. Depending on the tool features in production areas, drawers or shelves can be preferred. The place of trolleys in production is too big to be discussed. It prevents loss of time searching for tools and provides order to the user.

Tool trolleys can be used in production facilities and for special purposes. Trolleys provide transportation and protection for heavy loads. There are drawer and shelf systems according to the tool feature. The general design is produced with a bottom table, legs, cover, and pull-out.

It provides great convenience as an advanced version of tool boxes defined as tool bags. Products with metal parts defined as hand tools are high-weight tools. And more than one can be used in the same job. It is defined as a medium industrial-type product and provides service to the technical team. For this reason, the use of tool carts provides great convenience.

What are the Advantages of a Transport Trolley?

Providing tool safety and ease of transportation, the trolleys can be easily transported thanks to the wheeled and holding apparatus. It is used by machine maintainers and technical teams in industrial areas.

It enables high-weight tools to be easily relocated. It can be the first choice product in terms of offering great advantages to the user.

Advantages of the transport trolley;

  • To ensure the sorting and safety of metal tools.
  • Eliminating clutter in the area where it is located
  • Saving the user time, having them all at hand instead of searching for which tool is where.
  • Having a high-quality trolley at an affordable price.
  • To meet the exact needs by offering a choice of doors, shelves, and drawers.
  • It has great advantages in terms of facilitating work and ensuring tool safety.

Transport Trolley Design

Many details are taken into consideration in terms of production technology and design. Transport trolleys are produced and offered for use with various design features. There are models with cabinets, single drawers, shelves, and 5 drawers with cabinets. They are produced with electrostatic powder paint and wheels.

The metal cover is produced with an anti-opening latch. Drawers are scaled according to the characteristics of the tools to be carried. Wheels are used with medium industrial-type features. 1 braked leg, 1 caster, and 2 fixed legs are used to provide high security.

Drawer dimensions and depths are also designed according to the intended use. There are different models and functions of trolleys for transportation. Regular transportation of tools serves the user as a great convenience.

Where to Obtain a Transport Trolley?

Transport trolleys are easily available. Thanks to the e-commerce system, orders can be placed by choosing a trolley at any time of the day. Those who need a trolley can place an order by visiting the Ponis Metal website 24/7.

Orders are delivered to the address with the assurance of the company as soon as possible and offered for use. As a manufacturer and supplier, it offers high-quality transportation trolleys to the sector. At the same time, it provides orders with long-lasting, robust metal trolleys.

Those who want to obtain a trolley can have unlimited time by choosing from the Ponis Metal website. An order can be created for the selected trolleys and delivered to the address with the assurance of the company. You can benefit from the ease of carrying tools safely for many years.

Why Use a Transport Trolley?

Many tools must be used by technicians in industrial environments. As metal and high-weight products, they are also very difficult to carry by hand. Therefore, it is necessary to use a trolley.

The trolley provides great convenience in terms of user health and tool layout. A trolley should be used to prevent injuries due to the difficulty of carrying heavy loads. In addition, thanks to the design of the trolley, it creates order as each tool will be kept in the appropriate place.

Trolleys are recommended for ease of use, ease of transportation, and as a guarantee of tool safety. An order for a trolley can be created around the clock by providing internet access. Orders are delivered to the user with company assurance.

Heavy Duty Environment Transport Trolley

High-weight tools are used in production facilities known as heavy-duty environments. Therefore, it is a great inconvenience to carry them even within the enterprise, or even too heavy to be carried. The design and production purpose of trolleys is to facilitate the user's work in these areas.

The layout of the tools and the fact that everything they are looking for has its place also provide visual order. In production facilities, which are defined as heavy-duty environments, trolleys that ensure expert and tool safety are selected according to the needs.

Produced with drawers, shelves, and cabinets, there is a suitable section for each tool. In addition, trolleys that provide ease of transportation are produced with wheel fixing features and cover safety in mind.

It is difficult to transport tools in terms of their weight and mass. At this point, the use of a trolley provides great confidence. It ensures that the tools are placed in an orderly manner, that they can be easily found when searched for, and that the health of the carrier is secured.

Transport Trolley Prices

Transport trolleys are high-quality and affordable products offered to the sector. It provides convenience in every area with its shelf, cabinet, and drawer models. The carrying capacity of each drawer is designed as 40 kg and is produced in different depths. The shelf system, the handle, and the safety of the cabinet doors provide ease of use.

Transport trolleys, defined as tool trolleys, offer great advantages to the user. Transport trolley prices are reflected from the lowest by the manufacturer company. It offers all its products with high-quality production features to the user economically.

It continues to serve the user before and after the sale of the product. Its expert team gains customer satisfaction by providing service maintenance service safely. 24/7 technical support and product ordering are available for those who need a trolley. Users can benefit from long-lasting and robust trolleys.

Ponis Metal works as a manufacturer and designer of many products with trolleys and metal parts. It works as a pioneer in its sector and proves its difference with its high-quality products. It supplies multifunctional products such as cabinets, trolleys, panels, and air handling units to many business areas.

It also offers great convenience with filters, fans, panel thermostats, and panel accessories. Its long-lasting, environmentally friendly, sustainable products serve multipurpose purposes. It continues on its way with many years of industry experience, professional design, and a production team.

It also expands its product supply boundaries with its productions by national and international standards. Working with the priority of customer satisfaction, Ponis Metal continues on its way with the trust of many years.

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