File cabinets are solid and durable steel cabinets made of DKP sheet materials. These cabinets are generally used to store files, folders, and various items. File cabinet models, which are two-door and lockable, have many different options.

There are many different shelf options in file cabinets. These shelves are designed to be mobile so that they can be adjusted according to needs. In this way, it has become possible to adjust the height of the shelves as you wish. File cabinet models, which were used only in offices in the past, have started to be used even in homes.

File cabinets are mostly painted using electrostatic powder paint. In this way, it is aimed to be much more resistant to problems such as scratching and rusting. Thanks to its shelf system, it can also be used as a multi-purpose cabinet. These cabinets, which are used to store documents such as folders, documents, and files in offices, are used for tool and material storage in industrial areas. In addition, it will appear as a material storage cabinet in houses and mass housing areas. In addition, it can be used as a locker in gyms. In such places, people can safely keep their personal belongings in closets. These cabinets have a lock mechanism to ensure security. A chrome-plated mortise lock is used in file cabinets. In this way, unauthorized persons are prevented from accessing the items stored in the cabinet, and security is ensured.

So, how are file cabinets manufactured? The manufacturing process of these cabinets includes many different stages. Cabinets, which are processed differently at each stage, may also go through some additional stages depending on the facility.

File Cabinets Manufacturing Process

The production of file cabinets, which are sometimes used as material cabinets, requires the use of different machines at many different stages. First of all, DKP sheet materials, which are the main material of the cabinets, are processed. DKP, which is a flat steel, is obtained by processing steel in liquid form in nature. This material is known for its widespread use in many different industries. This material is used especially in products that require steel metal cabinets.

After the processing of DKP sheets, cutting is carried out in the desired sizes and shapes. The cutting process differs according to the variety of the product. The next stop of the steel cabinet, which has started to take shape, is the press machines. Thanks to these machines, drilling operations are carried out according to the curves of the cabinet. The appearance of the outline of the cabinet takes place at this stage.

After leaving the press machine, it passes to another machine where the bending process is carried out based on the dimensions of the product. The roughly resulting product parts are soldered by spot welding. The soldering process requires extremely fine workmanship. In this process, millimetric calculations are made. For this reason, it should be carried out by expert and experienced personnel. All of the protrusions formed after the soldering process are filed. The filing process is an important part of manufacturing. Some companies skip this process. This can have negative effects on users.

In this way, the main production phase of the cabinet is completed. After this stage, the cabinet is subjected to the painting process. The painting process is done using electrostatic powder paints. The main purpose of this is to take high-level precautions against spillage and wear. No matter which of the steel cabinet models you prefer, you can see that powder paint is used on it.

This production process is generally valid for standard cabinets. It can be added to the production of metal cabinets that are out of the standard in some different processes. For this reason, the manufacturing time may also be extended.

File Cabinet Selection

Now that you have the answer to the question of how to make a file cabinet, you may also want to learn what to look for when choosing. The sizes and shapes of file cabinets may vary. For this reason, choosing a cabinet can challenge you from time to time.

In addition to facilitating the work in the workplace, the first factor you should pay attention to when choosing these cabinets, which are also important in terms of occupational safety, should be your needs. First of all, you should evaluate how many files you have and the potential for new files to appear every year. In this way, you can also determine your cabinet needs. However, you should also take into account the size of your office. Cabinets to be bought in large sizes for a small office can cause you to have problems.

Another issue you should pay attention to is the choice of company. It should be your priority that the company that manufactures the cabinets is reliable and experienced. The manufacturer's references, production facility, and personnel should inspire confidence. In this way, much higher quality products can be produced. You can also choose Ponis Metal to buy quality, durable, and aesthetic file cabinets. Ponis Metal experts will understand your expectations produce flexible solutions suitable for you and make advantageous price offers. For this, you can contact us immediately and meet all your file cabinet needs as soon as possible.

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