A safe and clean material cabinet provides great convenience to the user. Material cabinets needed in business environments are multifunctional products. They are special products suitable for all purposes and not affected by rust or moisture.

With its metal body and electrostatic paint, it can be used safely for many years, ensuring that all materials are safe. When choosing a material cabinet, company assurance should be prioritized.


What is a Material Cabinet?

Material cabinets are closed cabinets used for the organization and safety of materials in companies' workplaces and office environments. It is produced and offered for use with different designs such as shelves, drawers, and sliding.

Multifunctional products used as material cabinets are made of robust and transformable metals. Cabinets developed with different designs can be suitable for every purpose. All products are developed by design experts for the purpose.

Closed boxes, referred to as material cabinets, are multifunctional products. They can be provided at an affordable price with the assurance of the manufacturer company and can be used for many years. It is offered for use in different designs with triple, and quadruple shelves, panels, and tools.

Depending on the user's request, material cabinets can be preferred with color options, doors, and sliding systems. The cabinets offer decorative elegance in the area with their stylish models and trendy colors.

Safe and Clean Material Cabinets

Material cabinets among Ponis Metal products are produced according to the user's taste and needs. There are material cabinet models that can be used safely in every business area. It is produced to meet different purposes such as file cabinets, folder cabinets, lockers, and archive cabinets.

In accordance with the intended use, cabinets with opening doors and sliding doors for narrow spaces can be selected. Material cabinets can be supplied in company-specific colors and designs. A drawer or shelf system can be built inside the material cabinets. In addition, locked and encrypted drawer or cabinet doors can be produced.

In addition, tool cabinets and cabinets with clipboards can be ordered and delivered to the address. Cabinets with clipboards are offered so that the user can easily find the tools and materials they are looking for. All tools can be stored neatly by positioning them on the panel.

Robust Material Cabinet Features

Material cabinets are produced from 1st class dkp sheet metal plates. Steel construction, plexi doors are produced with glass and offered for use. It is produced with many shelves, few shelves, or panels according to user needs. Ponis Metal site can be visited at any time of the day to order economically priced multi-purpose material cabinets.

Orders are delivered to the address as soon as possible with the assurance of the company. In the cabinets designed for special purposes, it is easy to find what is where thanks to the label compartment. Cabinets are optionally colored with electrostatic powder paint.

Shelf spacing can be changed according to user needs. All material cabinet doors are manufactured with recessed handles and chrome locks. Doors are wide opening or sliding, with floor fixing wedges.

Material Cabinet Features

Some many documents and products need to be kept in working environments. Therefore, the need for material cabinets arises. Material cabinets, which are produced as multi-purpose and can be customized upon request, can be owned at an affordable price. Material cabinets features;

  • Manufactured from robust and safe 6112 quality sheet metal plates,
  • Increasing extra strength with steel construction,
  • Availability of a high-quality product at an affordable price,
  • Maintaining order in the environment,
  • 180-degree opening lids,
  • Selection of sliding door wardrobes according to use,
  • Sure to have protected wedge feet,
  • With a load-carrying capacity of up to 60 kg, it offers many advantages to the user.

Details to Consider When Choosing a Wardrobe

The choice of material cabinet is of great importance in companies. First of all, the purpose for which the cabinet will be used and how much space is available should be taken into consideration. Then, it is necessary to pay attention to where the material cabinet will be supplied. Ponis Metal is recommended as the most accurate address in this regard.

Beautifully designed cabinets can be selected from each other in company production. There are robust structures, door and sliding options, and cabinet models with panel and handyman. The most suitable model cabinets for the size of the usage area and the need are safely preferred.

The first place among the details to be considered when choosing a wardrobe is the company's assurance. The expected result can be obtained by working with professionals who can be supported before and after the product sale. For this reason, Ponis Metal products are chosen with confidence.

Types of Material Cabinets

Material cabinets are offered to users with different models and designs. Material cabinets can be selected by communicating at any time of the day. Stylish and modern designs can be ordered by choosing the color and model suitable for the business.

Material cabinets are located in business environments and are products that gain customer satisfaction. Because modern and elegant design products are offered with preferences suitable for every purpose and user taste. Types of material cabinets.

  • Folder Cabinet,
  • Archive Cabinet,
  • Tool Cabinet,
  • Shower Locker,
  • File Cabinet,
  • Caisson.

Material Cabinet Design

Material cabinets are designed and manufactured according to current needs. Manufacturer assurance and user requirements are always taken into consideration. Production is started after the samples made by professional design experts are approved. As multi-purpose products, material cabinets save space in the area where they are located.

In addition, thanks to the label compartment, it can be seen which product is in which section. Material cabinet designs are developed with stylish and modern lines. In addition to the user's taste and needs, it should also fit the area of use. For this reason, it is necessary to choose a cabinet according to the dimensions of the place of use.

It works with its advanced technology equipment and professional engineers in the field. By prioritizing customer satisfaction in its productions, it takes high-quality production at an affordable price to the target.

With the belief that business volume and company assurance depend on product quality, it always improves product and material quality. Its future goal is to advance in the universal field with a visionary perspective. It continues on its way by having a say in the frequently preferred material cabinets.

What is a Materials Cabinet for?

Material cabinets are known as multifunctional products. Maximum efficiency can be obtained by choosing the purpose and place of use. Preferred material cabinets are robust and safe products of need. Cabinets are generally produced from first-quality sheet metal and used in workplaces. It can be used for document, file, material, and archive purposes.

Material cabinets designed for the intended use are offered as the latest trend design products. It is produced with a safe steel construction feature, optionally adjustable shelves, and doors with recessed handles. Material cabinets are used in companies, schools, hospitals, and different working environments.

Material cabinets are multi-purpose closed and sheltered products that are useful for everything. Material cabinet prices are reflected to the user from the lowest. By choosing Ponis Metal products, you can have the expected quality. It can be used safely for many years by having a multi-purpose material cabinet at an affordable price.

Ponis Metal offers high-quality material cabinets at low prices. Those in need can communicate 24/7 and create a cabinet order with secure payment and installments to a credit card. Order products are delivered to the address with the company guarantee as soon as possible and put into use.

Ponis Metal works as a manufacturing company. It produces cabinets and panels in Turkey and world standards. It has been serving the sector for many years with high-quality cabinets and panels in its production line.

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