The meter enclosure is the cabinet where the electricity meters at the entrance of the building are kept. They are the centers where the entire building is illuminated and the necessary energy is supplied to special units. The meter enclosure is located separately from the main distribution enclosure and the secondary distribution enclosure. Meter enclosures are very important elements to provide safe and uninterrupted energy efficiency in current buildings.

The meter enclosure at the entrance of the building can be maintained and repaired when necessary. The meter enclosure is necessary in homes, workplaces, shopping malls, schools, and hospitals, that is, in all living spaces where electrical energy is used. It is designed and installed according to the usage needs and structure features.

What Does Meter Enclosure Mean?

The meter enclosure can be defined as an energy supply, supply, and control center located at the entrances of the building. Meter enclosures are mandatory in all buildings by the construction feature. Its main purpose is the provision of safe energy. All structural and individually used electrical energy requirements are provided by meter enclosures.

The current passing through the enclosure is converted and put into use. Direct use of mains electricity is not possible. You can supply your high-quality and safe electrical enclosures with the assurance of Ponis Metal. The best production in the sector is made by advanced technology facilities and professional teams.

By ordering with the assurance of the company, you can obtain your meter enclosures and get installation support. Meter enclosures are designed according to electrical power and needs. Meter enclosures, which are produced by three-phase and single-phase meters, can be installed on or under plaster. The meter enclosure, which is the biggest support for the provision of safe and uninterrupted electricity, is expected to function for the safety of life and property.

What Does a Meter Enclosure Do?

The meter enclosure ensures the operation and safety of the electricity meters required for the building. It is established by considering all the features of the building and uninterrupted efficiency is expected. The meter enclosure is the control center that undertakes the energy distribution and transmission operations of the building. Among the elements within the meter enclosure;

  • Current transformers,
  • In-enclosure lighting lamp,
  • Busbars,
  • Support insulators,
  • Including safety switches, small electricity meters,

If necessary, there are cooling systems. The meter enclosure provides the necessary energy to all areas of the building in a controlled manner. Convenience and safety are increased with the most suitable accessories for the leading sheets in enclosure production. The meter enclosures to be taken by the Ponis Metal team have been working efficiently for many years.

Counter Enclosure Advantages

Among the purposes of use of the meter enclosure are the safety of life and property. The advantages of the meter enclosure in the building are the most important security element. The center, which provides the energy needs of the entire building in a controlled manner as needed, is called a meter enclosure. The meter enclosure is installed by a professional team and it is ensured that it works automatically.

It ensures the safety of the user and the safety of the building against all dangers. It also has the feature of automatically cutting off the energy in case of any danger. It contains vital elements such as an electrical enclosure, meters, fuses, an automatic staircase, an elevator, and a bell control center.

Ponis Metal production meter enclosures 1. It is produced from quality materials and provides long-lasting efficiency. Among the company's products, customer satisfaction, life, and property safety are prioritized. In this sense, the meter enclosure also works as the highest security center.

Types of Meter Enclosures

Meter enclosure types are produced and offered for use according to the usage area and needs. It contains a meter enclosure, current transformer, switches, busbars, and enclosure interior lighting elements that require maximum security. Bearing insulators and cooling units that should be available when necessary are also located in the meter enclosure. Among the types of meter enclosures;

Meter enclosures, known as energy power distribution centers, are the first centers where electricity arrives.

  • The children here,
  • Distribution enclosure,
  • Such enclosure,
  • There are varieties such as construction site enclosures.

Operating as a manufacturer and supplier of meter enclosures, Ponis Metal products are among the best in the industry. By communicating 24/7, selection can be made by getting information about all products. You can get enclosure and installation support suitable for your needs. Your orders are established according to the needs determined as a result of the preliminary work and delivered with the assurance of the company.

The enclosures, which are installed in such a way that the highest security can be provided in the usage area, can be used without being affected by moisture and mold. Non-experts should stay away from its easy-to-clean exterior and interior technical equipment.

Meter Enclosure Prices

The address where those who are curious about meter enclosure prices can get the safest answer is Ponis Metal. By providing internet access from your location, information, and technical support can be obtained from professional experts. Ponis Metal, which manufactures meter enclosures and makes them available, closes a big gap in the sector.

Vital meter enclosures can be easily obtained in buildings and wherever they are located. Meter enclosure prices are determined according to production features and building requirements. Meter enclosures, which are owned with a reasonable price guarantee and company assurance, are installed by experts.

The meter enclosure, which is installed on time by the contract, is delivered and put into use. Meter enclosures located at the entrance sections of buildings are the main actors of energy efficiency.

This is the center where the electricity from the grid is converted and put into use. Meter enclosure prices are also shaped according to the production privilege and enclosure material and dimensions. You can safely use Ponis Metal meter enclosures by ordering.

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