Surface-mounted panel provides safe energy efficiency by integrating low-voltage systems into structured cabling in buildings. The reason why it is called surface-mounted is that it is not installed under plaster during the construction phase. It provides easy intervention in any malfunction that may occur in surface-mounted electrical panels.

Electrical panels are centers that provide safe electrical energy. Installation and capacity are determined according to structural areas. With its high engineering staff and technical facilities, you can install it with the help of the Ponis Metal team.

Surface-mounted panel is a system that converts low voltage into efficient electrical energy by installing it on wall plaster. Surface-mounted panels, whose general name is electrical distribution panels, are in widespread use. Panel security must be provided by professionals.

Due to the difficulties experienced in flush-mounted panel systems, preferred surface-mounted panels are used. Ponis Metal, the address where you can supply all kinds of structural electrical panel needs, works 24/7. It produces state-of-the-art panels based on world standards in its production and closely follows the technology agenda.

Electrical panels are capable of distributing electrical energy from a single center to the whole structure. Surface-mounted panels, also referred to as wall-mounted panels are safe and highly efficient systems. Among Ponis Metal products;

  • Field Distribution Electrical Panels,
  • Construction Site Electrical Panels,
  • Wall Mounted Electrical Panels,
  • Meter Panels,
  • Plastic Panels,
  • IT Network – Server Cabinets,
  • External Type Capped Enclosures,
  • Machine Sheet Metal Parts - Bodywork,
  • There are Automation Control Panels.

Surface-mounted panels, which require special production and professional use, are highly efficient, long-lasting energy systems. The answer to the question of where the panel is used will be in all buildings that require electrical energy.

Advantages of Surface Mounted Panel

Surface-mounted electrical distribution systems provide efficient and uninterrupted energy in living spaces. Thanks to the electrical panels, comprehensive energy efficiency is ensured. Surface-mounted panels are positioned in special areas in buildings. In this way, no non-professional is allowed to access it.

Surface-mounted panels provide safe energy efficiency by integrating low-voltage systems into the structural system. A system that provides users with high-quality, uninterrupted energy is vital. The advantages of surface-mounted panels include uninterrupted efficiency and installation at an affordable price. The electrical distribution panel requires high engineering.

It can be installed in a capacity that can be used in all private and corporate structures. In this regard, Ponis stands out with its production capacity and product quality. Continuing on its way as one of the pioneers of the sector, customer satisfaction takes the first place among the features of Ponis Metal panels.

It offers world-class products by using the developing technology products in the construction sector. In the panel, there are electricity meters, bell panels, fuse systems, and automatic breakers. Its high engineering staff provides uninterrupted energy efficiency with its advanced technology systems.

Ponis Metal Products

Ponis Metal provides great benefits in terms of structural energy efficiency. It continues on its way with high-quality electrical panels and professional staff. It continues to grow day by day and increase productivity.

Whether the electrical panel is in-wall or surface-mounted, professional support must be sought. Electrical panels, which are easily installed and put into use, are high-function systems. Products in the production and sale of Ponis Metal;

  • Cabinets,
  • Industrial Workbenches,
  • Transport Trolleys,
  • Electrical Enclosures,
  • Hardware Trolleys,
  • Enclosure Thermostats,
  • Enclosure Accessories,
  • Enclosure Heater,
  • Enclosure Cooling Units,
  • Fans and Filters.

Those who need any or all of them can communicate from anywhere at any time of the day. The company team will answer your questions as soon as possible and find solutions to your problems as soon as possible.

Types of Electrical Panels

The electrical panel aims to provide safe electricity to living spaces. Among the types of electrical panels;

  • PC System Enclosures,
  • Automation systems include piano-type enclosures,
  • Free-standing type control enclosures,
  • Industrial Workbenches.

Each of them is designed for installation and use. The installation area and cabling requirements are determined specifically and the most appropriate installation is made.

Air conditioning systems are also installed in electrical panels against freezing and overheating. All details are taken into account in order not to be adversely affected by seasonal characteristics.

How is Surface Mounted Panel Security Ensured?

Security in surface-mounted panels is provided by the building management. In this regard, you can get Ponis Metal support as your problem-solution partner. It provides service with its professional team and state-of-the-art technical systems.

Electrical panel security can be maximized with the image recording system. The team of engineers, who provide development in the sector by receiving the best training in their profession, works with the assurance of the company. Electrical panels, which work as thermal protection units, provide safety of life and property.

Surface-mounted panels or different panels are used in all living spaces such as homes, workplaces, shopping malls, hospitals, and schools. You can safely use your electrical panel systems, which you can have with the assurance of the company at an affordable price, for many years.

Whether you have surface-mounted or different system installations, you can get periodic maintenance and safe service from Ponis Metal experts. By communicating around the clock, you can meet your electrical panel and accessories needs. Your products will be delivered to your address with the assurance of the company and can be installed.

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