Panels provide a protected environment, especially in terms of electrical and internet systems. Sheet metal is one of the popular materials used in panels. It is almost impossible to come across a structure without panels. From apartments to workplaces, from schools to hospitals, you can come across sheet metal panels wherever there is electricity. In addition, these panels are used in businesses that require a large server network.

It is a fact that sheet metal panels are widely used. However, the production of your sheet metal panels must be done correctly, safely, and with high quality. It is necessary to pay attention to these top headings, especially in terms of long-lasting use. Sheet metal panels can be produced in different ways. You can come across different manufacturing techniques and sheet metal types such as stainless steel, ERP sheet, DKP sheet, and black sheet. You need to pay attention when choosing among them. A sheet metal panel manufacturer should be able to offer you different options of this type in panel manufacturing. In this way, it will be easier for you to choose the type you need.

Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless steel sheets consist of chrome and iron-based alloys. In this way, non-oxidized materials gain stainless properties. Stainless steel sheets, which can be used in many different areas, are extremely resistant to temperature and strength conditions. These sheets, which are both long-lasting and low-cost, are very popular. Sheets with high oxidation resistance have a shiny appearance. On the other hand, a good sheet metal panel manufacturer can also make the sheet matte. Since it has hygienic properties, it is also suitable for use in the medical and food industry.

ERP Sheet Metal Cutting

ERP system; It is a system that creates ready to be used by sheet metal processing and laser cutting to your expectations. It is an extremely flexible production system. The ERP system saves time, in particular.

With the ERP system, operations such as welding, bending, cutting, assembly, and painting can be performed on sheet metal. In this way, you can get rid of the workload that takes a lot of time during production. As Ponis Metal, Turkey's best sheet metal panel manufacturer, we can respond quickly and effectively to your expectations with the ERP system.

DKP Sheet Metal Cutting

Another method in panel manufacturing is DKP sheet cutting. DKP sheets are flat steel materials that are treated with hot raw materials and subjected to heat treatment. In this way, it becomes much easier to process and shape these materials. DKP sheet types are prone to cold forming. In addition, since it is suitable for laser cutting, it allows time savings by providing mass production.

DKP sheet, which can be welded practically, is a smooth material. In this way, no residue or roughness can damage the products, and it holds a good degree of welding. DKP sheet types are also resistant to corrosion and extremely resistant to rust. DKP sheets, which reduce costs such as mold costs, are frequently used in areas where high strength is needed, such as automotive parts.

Black Sheet Cutting

Black sheets, which are generally produced with flat steel materials, are portable products. Since black sheets are rolled in the first stage, they do not take up much space in terms of size and volume. The most distinctive feature of the black sheets, which is the color, is also 1.5 to 20 mm thicker than their counterparts. It is much easier to style black sheets.

For All Your Panel Productions: Ponis Metal

Ponis Metal, one of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to sheet metal panel manufacturing, can produce the panels you want by using all these different techniques. Your dashboard needs can be very diverse and varied. For this reason, different techniques, materials, and devices may be needed in the production of each panel.

Ponis Metal can easily manufacture all the panels you need with its advanced technological CNC machines, laser cutting facilities, professional engineering team, and experience. You can contact us and get detailed information to benefit from this experience and professionalism.

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