The most important detail in electrical installations is the necessity of distributing electrical energy efficiently and reliably. At this point, it is necessary to distribute the existing energy reliably for human health and the correct use of electronic devices. To ensure reliability, the electrical panel materials  used must be manufactured to high-quality standards.  These panels vary according to their usage areas. While different panel types are used in areas such as workplaces and factories, standard panels are used in structures such as houses and buildings.

Parts Inside Electrical Panels

Electrical panels must be produced with great care in terms of functionality. Every material used in it must inevitably be of high quality. Our company designs electrical panels in various sheet thicknesses and paint qualities. These products, which vary according to the needs, have the advantage of use in almost every sector. Among the electrical panel materials; parts such as fuses, electricity meters, and breakers are combined with the focus of our company's high-quality standards. The main panel components are; It consists of switches, measuring instruments, signal lamps, and column fuses. The maintenance of these panels should also be done at periodic intervals. The reason is that it is for human health, work, and worker safety. In case of any malfunction, it is recommended to replace it with new parts.

Ponis Metal Privilege

At Ponis Metal, we  produce each part at high-quality standards, focusing on electrical panel materials. Always considering human health, we carry out reliable work at every stage of our production. Our company, which finds answers to your electrical panel needs, carries out special productions and offers electrical panels in sizes and dimensions suitable for every project. In each of the panel types, it brings with it the advantage of practical use. You can experience the types of panels produced specifically for commercial buildings, residences, and many other projects within the scope of high quality under the privilege of our company.

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