The product that enables the reliable storage of all applications required during the electricity distribution phase in a single center is called an electrical panel. The production of these panels is embodied in our company's products that meet world quality standards. Internal accessories are one of the details that need to be paid the most attention in production. The need for these parts to be durable and of high quality has an important place in terms of functionality. Our company carries out successful activities in this regard with its meticulous work.

Electrical Panel Types

Electrical panels vary depending on the sector and each project and their usage areas. Electrical panels, categorized as freestanding and wall type, are under construction. Panels that vary according to production material include sheet metal and polyester panels. The difference between them is that polyester panels do not require painting or maintenance. Moreover, it has the feature of not being affected by adverse environmental conditions such as humidity, dust, and impact. The quality of a panel is also closely related to the material of the accessories used during the production phase. Hinges and locks, which are among the internal panel accessories, are present in all electrical panels and are offered to you with the quality of our company. Hinges are classified as panel cover hinge, leaf hinge, edge hinge, hidden hinge, and plug-in hinge. These accessories are used in each panel type, including distribution and construction site panels. Besides that Row locks are also one of the most important details. Its varieties are; It consists of cylinder butterfly, cylinder latch, cabinet, transformer, panel cover, spring panel, padlock, and lever panel locks, and its usage area varies according to each project.

Quality of Internal Panel Accessories in Ponis Metal

Internal accessories consist of hinges and locks. Panels, which vary depending on the applied project and usage area, also differ in terms of the accessories they contain. Our company produces electrical panels as well as internal panel accessories at world quality standards. It guarantees 100% satisfaction with its products that meet your every need. Its products produced from first-class materials bring the advantage of long-term use. Moreover, it bases its personally designed products on industry-specific production. You can experience the electrical panels and accessories you need with Ponis Metal quality.

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