Enclosure Lock Kinds

Electrical enclosures are one of the safety equipment of a building. Only electrical distribution systems are kept in these enclosures. In addition, electrical enclosures are needed to protect many wired systems such as internet cables and security camera systems.

Since electrical enclosures are safety equipment, not everyone should have access to these equipment and the systems inside. Only building owners or authorized persons must open and close these enclosures. Any action must be taken by these people. It is extremely dangerous and risky for foreigners and children to open this system. If a stranger can easily open and close your electrical enclosures, we can say that there is a security weakness in your building.

To minimize the electrical safety weakness in buildings, electrical enclosures mounted in the building must be carefully protected.

Electrical enclosures are products used both indoors and outdoors. There is no such thing as less and more protection of these safes than they are used inside or outside. Wherever they are used, electrical enclosures must always be protected with great precautions.

Metal electrical enclosures provide the most reliable protection for electrical systems. Metal electrical cabinets have more advantages than electrical cabinets made of other materials in terms of durability, maintenance, and safety.

Metal electrical cabinet doors, frames, and plates are the best protection method for electrical systems in case of situations such as fire, or earthquake. One of the most important features that these enclosures should have for the best protection is that they have a quality and secure lock system.

Lock Kinds for Metal Cabinet Doors

There are many kinds of lock systems suitable for these types, as are the types of electrical enclosures. The important thing here is to know what type of lock systems will be more suitable for which cabin doors.

We have already mentioned that the best protection method for electrical systems is metal electrical cabinets. So choosing the best lock kind for this best method will always be the right step.

Different kinds of enclosure locks provide high-security protection for metal electrical enclosures.

Spring Loaded Locks for Enclosures

One of the enclosure locks kinds are spring-loaded lock. Spring-loaded locks have a simple operating principle. They enable locking and unlocking by moving a shaft connected to the key slots back and forth. By moving the key up and down through the keyhole of the lock, the shaft inside the lock is moved back and forth.

Spring-loaded locks are among the most common lock types used not only for the doors of electrical boxes but also in many areas. It is one of the most used lock types in office furniture, safe locks, shelter doors, warehouse doors, and caravans.

Spring-loaded locks used for electrical cabinets are made of alloy chrome, stainless steel, alloyed zinc, or aluminum.

Spring-loaded locks vary greatly according to the sizes as well as the types of materials they are produced. Spring-loaded locks are one of the most produced lock types in both large and very small sizes. For a hobby box, a small spring-loaded lock is sufficient. However, the spring-loaded lock required for a large door of a large warehouse should be of a much larger size.

Spring-loaded locks are the most preferred for metal enclosures because they are very simple to use and install. Spring-loaded locks are also one of the enclosure lock types that provide the safest protection for metal cabinet doors.

Spring-loaded locks can be used on metals without deformation and deterioration for many years.

Spring-loaded locks that provide the safest protection for electrical enclosures, which are security equipment for buildings, may differ from each other in frames with key slots. The frame of key lock sockets can be in the form of slots, squares, hexagonal, or octagons. This zone does not affect the way the lock system works, and we can say that there is diversity to add pure design originality.

Spring-loaded locks are usually metal and black. If the user wants to paint the electrical housing in a color different from the original color, he can also paint the lock area. Spring-loaded locks are easy to paint. A spring-loaded lock that is the same color as the entire electrical enclosure is also advantageous in design.

Cam Locks for Cabinet Doors

One of the lock kinds used for electrical cabinet doors is a cam lock. Cam locks are also common lock types used in many items such as spring-loaded locks. Cam locks, which are widely used especially in drawers and hobby boxes, can be used in all areas requiring medium-level security.

If your electrical enclosure is in a locked room, we can say that these lock types are sufficient for your electrical enclosure. Cam locks are very suitable for use with metal cabin doors.

In recent years, the production of plastic kinds of cam locks has also started. However, plastic cam locks are much easier to open and break. Therefore, plastic cam locks do not provide as reliable locking as metal cam locks.

Cam locks for cabin doors are generally produced from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, alloy zinc, and iron. Cam locks produced with these raw materials do not break easily and they are very difficult to open without a key.

Cam locks are one of the locks with the widest variety of locks on the market. Cam locks for cabinet doors can be produced in many different sizes easily due to working principles and production stages. Since they are one of the most common lock types on the market, it is very easy to find a new one or spare part in any emergency.

The working principles of cam locks are quite simple. A flat plate attached to the keyhole moves up and down, usually in a semicircle, by turning its key. Thanks to this operating system, finding spare parts for cam locks or changing the lock completely is a very simple process. It is not necessary to remove or replace the enclosure door or any other part of the cabinet to replace cam locks, which are one of the most used lock types in electrical enclosures.

Cylinder Locks for Enclosures

As the name suggests, cylinder locks are cylinder-shaped locks. All the mechanisms of this lock kind are inside this cylinder. The most important features of cylinder locks are that they do not leave a gap in the cabin doors and ensure that the cabin door does not swing when it is locked.

We can say that the working system of cylinder locks is a little more developed than other lock systems. However, it generally has a very simple operating system. By turning the shaft key in the metal cylinder, the elongated part of the shaft comes to the lock slot in the cylinder and is locked.

Another advantage of cylinder locks is that most of their parts are located in the interior of the door. Thus, cylinder locks are more resistant to hitting and bumps. It is almost impossible to open such locks with a screwdriver or hammer.

All parts of cylinder locks are made of metal materials. Metals such as stainless steel, iron, and alloyed zinc are generally used in the production of these lock types.

Cylinder locks are not difficult to remove in the event of any modification or repair. They can be easily removed and replaced with new ones.

Cylinder locks may differ in terms of dimensions as well as the materials they are produced from. They can be produced in standard sizes according to the size of the system or door they will be used. Cylinder lock types for very large doors and systems can be produced after special measurement and design processes. 

As a Ponis brand, we can produce cylinder locks in standard sizes as well as special cylinder locks for your needs. We always aim to fully respond to your needs from the size of your cylinder lock to the material by asking you all the questions we need to know.

Another advantage of cylinder locks is that they are not a hindering factor for product designs. While some lock models take up a lot of space on the door and the outer surface is quite conspicuous, the only thing visible in cylinder locks is the keyhole. The keyhole often does not protrude in the area where it is mounted because it is mounted in a position level with the surface.

Since cylinder locks are not visible on the outside of the door, they do not require periodic maintenance like painting.

Heavy Duty Locks

Heavy Duty Locks are one of the key types that come to mind when the lock is mentioned. It is possible to see these key types as used in all areas of daily life. You can see heavy-duty locks on the gates of poultry houses, on the safety chains of bicycles, and even on the gates of fields.

In addition to all these uses, heavy-duty locks can be easily used in many security boxes. Electrical enclosures are one of these usage areas. Heavy-duty locks can be used in electrical enclosures in two different ways. Their primary use is by attaching heavy-duty locks to locking equipment attached to the case. Another use is that steel or steel chains are attached to this equipment and both ends of the chain are connected with a heavy-duty lock.

Although heavy-duty locks are a type of lock that can be used for housings, they are not as practical as cylinder locks, cam locks, and spring-loaded locks. Heavy-duty locks are generally more suitable for use in temporary situations such as repairs, renovations, and relocations for enclosures and cabinets.

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