Product Description
Features PFHT 100 PFHT 150
Heating Capacity 100w 150w
Power Supply 230v 50/60Hz 230v 50/60Hz
Maximum Current 4A
Heating element type PTC Heater
Axial Fan 60x60x30mm 16m3/h
Overcurrent protection Electronic thermal relay
Electrical connections 3-Pole terminal block N-L-E
Protection Class IEC Class II
Degree of Protection EN60529 IP20
Operating Temperature -45 / +70 °C
Storage Temperature -45 / +70 °C
Body Anodized aluminum profile
Assembly 35 mm DIN rail plug-in
Mounting Position Vertical position for best efficiency
Dimensions HxWxD 170x89x60 mm 210x89x60 mm
Weight 0.70 kg 0.94 kg
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