Features of Enclosure Heaters


The features of enclosure heaters differ according to their models.   However, some features that are common to all models can be mentioned. Enclosure heaters are generally found in humid environments. For this reason, the parts in the enclosure heater must be moisture-resistant.

Factors such as air temperature and humidity can affect enclosure heaters over time. At this point, active enclosure heaters with a dehumidifier feature can be used. This type of enclosure heaters is important in terms of ambient temperature, as well as very useful in terms of humidity.

Generally, heaters,  which are effective against a  sudden drop in temperature and provide an average heat dissipation quickly,  also have a wide range of uses.  One of the important features in terms of enclosure heater models is that it is very easy and practical to use. For this reason, these products can be easily used in many different environments.

 In addition, enclosure heaters provide significant reliability. You can safely use these heaters in many different areas. In addition to its reliability,  it has natural convection and a durable design. Enclosure heaters are very long-lasting products. In this way, you can also save money in terms of costs in the long run.

The body of enclosure heaters generally has an aluminum profile and stainless steel. In polluted environments,  the heater power can provide high performance. However, they can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Thanks to their special design, enclosure heaters allow you to quickly dissipate the desired heat as well as stabilize the ambient temperature. In terms of enclosure heaters, there are also fan models in order to better transmit heat in large areas. These radiators also have the ability to work integrated with thermostats.


Usage Areas of Enclosure Heaters


The electrical enclosure  is one of the ideal devices in terms of heating the environment.  Enclosure  heaters are among the ideal products, especially for those who want heat dissipation to be fast. This situation is also reflected in the usage areas of heaters.  Due to these features, the usage areas of enclosure  heaters are quite wide.

Enclosure  heaters are widely used in factories and the automotive industry. You can often see these heaters in the warehouse areas of the automotive industry. In addition, enclosure  heaters are used as broadcasts in textile workshops.  Operating rooms and similar areas of health institutions,  places where drugs are stored and laboratories are some of the areas where electrical enclosures are installed.  In addition to these, enclosure  heaters are used in greenhouses,  elevator areas of buildings, and warehouses where food is stored for a long time.

The usage areas of enclosure  heaters are much more common.  These heaters,  which are extremely practical and useful,  are widely used in industrial areas.  Due to the advantages of enclosure  heaters,  which are air conditioning products,  their usage rates are increasing day by day. In particular,  PTC heaters have become one of the prominent products due to their high power value.

When choosing an enclosure  heater,  you should not forget that the width of the area you will use and similar conditions should affect your choice. Different models of enclosure  heaters can give better performance in different areas.


Enclosure Heater


Electrical enclosures are affected by the climatic characteristics of the environment in which they are installed, such as air temperature and humidity. The amount of water in the air appears as moisture. As the temperature increases, the amount of water in the unit air begins to increase.  A sudden drop in air temperature can cause some of the moisture in the air to become water.

To solve this situation, it is necessary to get support from enclosure  heater models.  Special products called enclosure  heaters can be used with thermostats and hydrostats.  For the relative humidity to still hold as a gas in the air, the temperature inside the enclosure must be increased by  10 degrees.

The design and type of the enclosure  heater are extremely important in terms of being able to perform the tasks by exhibiting its functional features. The aluminum body with increased surface area heats up at a  speed that can withstand the sudden drop in air and temperature provides resistance variation with temperature. Active enclosure  heaters are designed to have these features.


Enclosure Heater Selection and Applications


Enclosure  heaters,  which are produced following world quality standards, can work more efficiently when they are attached to the bottom of the enclosures.  The fact that the air to be heated will rise,   as well as the fact that humid air will enter through the ventilation shutters,  which are usually located at the bottom of the enclosure,  the need for installation. reveals.

At the same time,  enclosure  heater models should not be kept closer than  10 cm to electrical materials that may be adversely affected by high temperatures.  Thermostats to be used as enclosure  heaters should not be mounted closer than 10 cm.


Enclosure Heater Prices


Among the enclosure  heater prices,  there are options determined in different ways according to the brand, model, and technical specifications. Among the products, different models can adapt to each person's budget.

When choosing your product, it will be sufficient to act according to your budget and usage areas and needs.    By paying attention to these details, you can reliably use the products you can choose in your spaces for many years.   You can also experience the privilege of obtaining enclosures that can have more reliable and functional features with enclosure  heaters, each of which is specially designed for a different usage area.


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