Product Description
Dimensions 36x90x65mm rail mounted
Indicator 3 Digits 7 Segment
Sensor PTC
Measurement Compact -50…+150° C
Sensitivity  -50…+150 °C
Accuracy  + %1 (Full Scale)
Control Status  ON-OFF
Output  Relay, 250VAC, 2A, Resistive Load
Alarm Output  Relay, 250VAC, 2A, Resistive Load
Heat Set Adjustment  LoL…UPL °C (Hst)
Alarm Set Setting  AtP=Abs,-Ab; LoL…°C (Ast)


AtP=rEL, -rL; (HSt+rAL) ,(HSt-20) … (Hst+20) °C

Heat Hysteresis  1…20 °C (Hhs)
Alarm Hysteresis  1…20 °C (Hhs)
Offset  -20…+20° C (OFS)
Heating/Cooling  H-C; Ht(Heating), CL (Cooling); elective
Supply Voltage  100…240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption   6VA
Operating Temperature  20° C….55 °C
Operating Altitude  < 2000m
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