Free-standing electrical panels are generally designed as main distribution panels, automation panels, and control panels. The sheet thicknesses in the freestanding electrical panels, which are suitable for use for many different purposes, are generally 1.5 mm and 2 mm. These dimensions may vary according to the dimensions of the panel and the wishes and needs of the customers.


In Which Areas Are Free Standing Electrical Panels Used?


Details from putting more material into the panels to making the panel more reliable can be determined individually. Free-standing electrical panels are widely used in hospitals, schools, residences, shopping malls, airports, factories and shipyards. Sewn-type electrical panels, which are suitable for almost every area where electricity is consumed intensively, are also preferred in places where there is lighting and machinery.

The covers, carrier fastener poles, and horizontal fittings of the freestanding type electrical panels, which are also produced in such a way that the industrial panel can have a modular body structure, can also be produced from galvanized sheet material. The products, which are produced and offered to you at world quality standards, are also extra resistant to environmental factors.


Free Standing Electrical Panel Prices


Free-standing electrical panel prices may vary depending on the model, technical features, and material used in the production of the product you choose. If you choose the right standing electrical panels, each of which can appeal to a different usage area, you can continue to use them for many years.

Electrical panels designed as standing type do not allow rain, mud, snow, dust, or soil to enter from outside. The panels are manufactured in such a way that they can be extra resistant to such problems and there are special protective materials on them. When choosing among the products, it will be enough to consider your usage areas. After choosing the right products that are suitable for your usage areas and budget, you can start using free-standing electrical panel models in different places.

You can speed up your work and make it more reliable with products that can be easily installed and do not need additional maintenance or repair for a long time if installed correctly.

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