Product Description

Free-standing modular welded enclosures are used in industrial applications, telecommunication operations, and many other fields. Free-standing-type modular welded enclosures developed with special techniques to protect electrical and electronic equipment are among the products that can be used in the harshest environmental conditions. Free-standing type modular welded panels, which enable users to save time with their easy use and fast installation, are also resistant to environmental factors.

Designed to be resistant to spatial factors, the interior design of the free-standing type modular welded enclosure models is also produced in a way that can be suitable for rearrangements. The modular enclosure system allows the end user to simplify or complicate the interior design.


Free Standing Type Electrical Panel Prices


To adjust the configurations to be used in applications, combining more than one modular panel allows the desired design to be created. Among the prices of free-standing-type modular welded panels, some options can adapt to the budgets of many people. While determining the pricing, details such as technical specifications, dimensions, and brand of the products are taken into consideration.

Free-standing-type modular panel designs, which are among the durable products that can be used for many years, also have a stylish decorative stance. Free-standing-type modular panels, which make the places where they are located look more aesthetic, are among the panels that can be used reliably without any problems. You can contact our team about the technical specifications and prices of the products.

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