Product Description

Product Technical Specifications:

  • 185X185X70 Dimensions.
  • DKP and HRP sheet material.
  • Electrostatic powder paint.
  • Standard 18 mm chipboard + 2 mm galvanized sheet metal table.
  • 2 clamshell 220 V earthed sockets. 
  • LED Lighting (1x14W Switched Led Band Luminaire)
  • 1 Piece 5-drawer Hardware Trolley 
  • 2 Material Cabinet
  • 50 Hanging Hooks are our gift.

General Specifications:

  • Designed for trouble-free use in heavy-duty environments.
  • All components are fixed on a robust and durable metal frame.
  • All electrical and moving parts are suitable for use in dusty and humid environments.
  • All drawers and doors are lockable.
  • A push latch system is used to prevent the drawers from opening by themselves.
  • The drawers are equipped with heavy industrial type and long-lasting bearing steel rails.
  • There are ball joint adjustment screws on the feet for uneven ground.
  • Drawers can be partitioned with a separator if desired.
  • A wide range of panel hooks and accessories are available.
  • The phosphating process is applied before painting for high paint durability.
  • A rough powder coating is used to ensure the highest resistance to impacts and scratches.
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