Workbenches are generally used in factories, repair shops, and workshops; These are the surfaces where operations such as cutting, carving, and sanding are performed. Workbenches are generally used in heavy-duty environments, that is, in industrial areas. There are different models of these types of equipment, which meet many different needs such as maintenance, repair, and production.

Industrial workbenches, which are highly resistant to impacts and scratches, have cabinet and drawer options. In addition, its dimensions vary according to the model. In addition, it is possible to find industrial countertops in different colors and options. These countertops, which offer a long-lasting use, create a comfortable working area. These benches ensure that hand and tool tools are kept regularly in areas such as factories and workshops.

The workbenches, which have become an indispensable part of the production areas with their arrangement and placement function, have panels that allow you to hang the tools while working. Industrial workbenches, which stand out with their functionality, are widely preferred in workshops. In areas where work equipment is used excessively, it prevents clutter, ensures that hand tools are stored safely, and creates a comfortable and efficient working environment for personnel.

Industrial workbenches, which you can often encounter in workshops, are designed to meet many needs in such areas. By having one of the industrial workbenches that will bring practicality and comfort to your technical staff, you can ensure that the work progresses much faster and safer.

Industrial Workbench Models


Industrial workbenches are designed to have many different models. The biggest reason for the variety is the size and the use of drawers and cabinets. However, it is also necessary to mention some common features.

The network of workbenches is suitable for use in service environments without any problems. In addition, it is a very durable product with its solid and durable metal frame structure. All electrical and moving parts; It protects from humid, dusty environments. Drawers and doors have lockable features.

In addition to these, there is a push-button latch system to prevent the drawers from opening on their own. In this way, a safer use can be achieved. For uneven floors, necessary adjustments can be made to the feet with ball joint adjustment screws. In addition to panel hooks, a wide selection of accessories is available on industrial workbenches. The drawers of these industrial benches, which are highly resistant to impacts and scratches, can be partitioned with a separator when desired.

One of the biggest reasons for the variety of models of industrial workbenches is the dimensions. It is possible to choose different sizes of countertops according to your working environment. In addition, the number of cabinets and drawers also increases the variety. You can choose models with five drawers and two set cabinets, or you can buy countertops with 10 drawers and 2 cabinets. In addition, some models have tool trolleys with five drawers. These have an important function, especially in production facilities with large areas. The size of some industrial workbenches is such that it can easily allow two people to work.

There is a wide range of industrial workbenches. By choosing the one that suits your needs among these options, you can have many advantages.

Where Are Industrial Workbenches Used?


Industrial workbenches, as the name suggests, are widely used in industrial areas. It is possible to come across these stalls in different areas such as factories, workshops, cafes, bars, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and public buildings.

These benches are very useful in many environments where maintenance and repair are required. These products, which are painted with electrostatic powder coatings to provide the highest durability, have a very robust structure. In this way, you can use it for many years. The fact that countertops produced with materials such as stainless steel can be used easily for many years is another reason why they are widely preferred. In this way, it has gained many different uses.

What are the Advantages of Industrial Workbenches?


Industrial workbenches are suitable for use in many different areas. The main reason for this is the advantages it provides to working areas. These advantages can be mentioned as follows;

  • It ensures that hand tools are stored in an orderly manner.
  • Thanks to its cabinets and drawers, it protects hand tools from moisture and dust.
  • It creates a comfortable working environment.
  • Thanks to its dashboard, it increases working efficiency.
  • Thanks to models with tool trolleys, it is possible to move hand tools to different areas at once.
  • Thanks to its durable materials, it is suitable for use for many years.
  • Thanks to the variety of models, it is possible to find an industrial workbench in sizes that suit your needs.
  • Although it varies according to the model, they have an average load-carrying capacity of 80 kg.

Industrial Workbenches Prices


Industrial workbenches have many different options and models. When choosing among this variety of models, the first thing you need to pay attention to is your needs. You can choose a model by specifying the dimensions of the workspace and the number of employees. In addition, models with tool trolleys can provide you with many advantages, especially in areas such as factories with maintenance and repair departments. One of the issues to be considered when choosing is prices.

The prices of industrial workbenches will vary according to the models. While smaller models may have lower prices, price increases may also occur as sizes increase. In addition, features such as the number of drawers and cabinets are other factors affecting prices.

You can also choose Ponis Metal to buy a suitable industrial workbench for your workspaces. Ponis Metal has industrial workbenches in many different models and designs. In this way, you can easily find the model you need and buy it immediately. By contacting us, you can get more information about workbenches and start taking advantage of our advantageous offers immediately.


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