Product Description

Panel brushes used in electrical panels, cabinets specially produced for computers, and office furniture are produced as plastic plug-ins. At the same time, panel brushes, which are produced to have an aluminum body, are designed in standard sizes. However, panel brushes can be produced in special sizes in line with your needs and wishes.

Panel brushes, which are generally used to prevent dust and pest entry and exit, attract attention with their durable structure and functional features. Among the panel brushes designed with special materials of 1st class quality and offered to you, some models can appeal to different usage areas.


In Which Areas Are Industrial Panel Brushes Used?


The brushes, which are produced by attaching to aluminum profiles and plastic snap-on brushes or as plastic flashers, have many different uses such as door bottoms, escalators, revolving doors, electrical panels, rack cabin systems, suspension conveyors. To prevent the passage of water, air, and dust, the preferred products can also be used to close cable passages.

The products, which can be fixed with screws or rivets to the place where they will be mounted, are ready for use after they are easily mounted. There are different options among the prices of panel brushes that are produced in world quality standards and offered to you. The pricing of panel brushes may vary according to the production material, dimensions, and model of the product you choose. If you want to get detailed information about the products, you can contact the Ponis Pano team.

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