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Flush-mounted panels are among the most preferred electrical panels. Wall-type flush-mounted panels, which are one of the flush-mounted models of electrical panels produced in two different types, above and below the surface, are produced in different ways according to the usage areas they will be preferred. These products, which can be found at entrances in buildings such as houses, are also used in production areas and shopping centers.

Wall-mounted flush-mounted panels, which are also suitable for many different areas such as factories, attract attention with their wide usage areas. The covers on the wall-mounted flush-mounted panels can also be selected according to preferences to coincide with the part where the meters will be located. These parts, which may consist of small glazed compartments, can also be produced closed for security reasons.

It is not possible to talk about standard dimensions in this type of panel that can have meters according to the number of subscribers in the usage areas. Dimensions are developed in a special way depending entirely on usage areas, your personal needs, and wishes. As Ponis Pano, the wall-mounted flush-mounted panel models that we specially offer to you are among the panel models that you can use for many years without any problems.

If you want to get technical detailed information about wall-mounted flush-mounted panel models, you can contact our team. Our team, where you can get support about product prices and technical details, will also support you with the problems you experience in your product preferences.

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