Base sheet panels are a type of power panel used in electrical distribution and control systems. These panels, which are generally used in industrial plants, power plants, large buildings, and other similar facilities, are mostly modular and can be customized. The main function of base plate panels is to control and direct the distribution of electrical energy.

In addition, they have many protective features and protect against overcurrent, short circuits, and other safety issues. base plate enclosures can be used for low-voltage or medium-voltage applications.

These panels, which can vary in capacity, can have different sizes, from a panel used in a small building to large panels that manage all electrical distribution and control systems of a large industrial facility.


What is a Base Sheet Panel?


A switchboard is a control panel containing switches, indicators, and other devices in an electrical system. The switchboard usually contains equipment for controlling the electrical distribution system of a building or industrial facility.

The base sheet panel is a type of panel located at the bottom of the panel. The bottom of these panels is usually made of sheet steel and used as a mounting surface. Bottom sheet panels are frequently used especially in industrial environments and can be easily transported.


Features of Base Sheet Panels


The characteristics of base plate enclosures arise from the fact that they come in different sizes, construction materials, and configurations. There are different types such as standard baseboards, type-tested boards, MCC boards, and PDU boards. The sizes of the enclosures can be in a wide range and they can be customized. They can be said to be durable, reliable, and long-lasting.

Furthermore, their modular design allows for easy installation and maintenance. Enclosures are usually made of sheet steel, but they can also be made of other materials such as aluminum or stainless steel.

The capacity of the panels can vary depending on the amount of energy needed. They can also be designed for different applications such as industrial applications, offices, and hospitals.


Types of Base Sheet Panels


The following products are among the types of boards with base hair:

Standard-based switchboards are generally used for electrical distribution and have a modular design. These switchboards can vary in a wide range of sizes.

Type-tested enclosures are enclosures specifically designed for reliability tests. They are frequently used to ensure grid compatibility and to check the insulation level.

MCC (Motor Control Center) panels are used to control industrial motors. These boards can be customized to set the speed, current, and other parameters of the motors.

PDU (Power Distribution Unit) panels are used in places such as information technology centers. PDU panels are designed to manage power supplies and provide power to the devices in service.

On the other hand, some models are IP-rated to protect against dust, moisture, and shock. They may also include features such as security locks and on/off switches.


Usage Areas of Base Sheet Panels


For the question of where the base sheet panel is used, it can be briefly said that it is used in places where electrical energy distribution and control are carried out. For such places, industrial plants, power plants, refineries, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, and other large enterprises can be given as examples.

The main purpose of base-standing switchboards is to safely transmit, protect, and control electrical energy. They can also be used to supply and coordinate devices with different voltage levels.


Manufacturing Process of Panels


The manufacturing process of base sheet panels consists of complex steps involving customized design, specialized metalworking, and quality assembly of electrical components. These steps include design preparation, metal processing, painting, component assembly, and testing.

Panels are usually dimensioned and components are specified according to the customer's requirements. The panels are then cut, bent, drilled, and welded. Powder coating or electrostatic paint coating is applied to prevent rust.

The cables between the components are connected after they are placed inside the panel. The testing process checks the electrical properties and mechanical durability of the panel to ensure correct operation.


Panel Maintenance and Repair Status


Regular maintenance of base plate enclosures ensures their correct functioning and long service life. The maintenance process includes routine operations such as cleaning the components in the enclosure and checking the tightness of connections and functionality.

Also, fuses and relays may need to be replaced. In case of repair, a different approach may be required depending on the characteristics of the panel. Repairs are carried out by experienced electricians.

Regular maintenance and correct repair of base plate enclosures can help prevent dangerous electrical faults and ensure a safe working environment. It keeps the business running efficiently at all times.


Supply and Installation of Panels


Since base sheet boards are custom-made, they are usually available from a specific manufacturer or vendor. These manufacturers or vendors can offer customized boards designed according to the needs of the customers.

Many suppliers and distributors in the electrical market can be cooperated with for the supply of base panels. Local wholesalers selling electrical equipment can also offer various brands and models of base-standing panels.

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Base Sheet Panel Prices


base hair panel prices vary depending on many factors. In addition to the areas of use, factors such as panel size, material quality, ease of assembly, and features are the main factors affecting the price.

To get a quote, it is worth contacting a manufacturer or dealer for a suitable enclosure that can meet your specific needs. In this way, you can convey your requirements and get suitable offers.

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