Stainless steel sheets are produced using carbon material groups. These stainless sheets consist of an alloy based on chromium and iron. This results in a product that is resistant to oxidation and has an effective stainless feature.

Stainless steel sheets, which are suitable for temperature, strength conditions, and various processes, can be made suitable for use by changing them many times, as they have very high-temperature resistance and are stainless.

Stainless Sheet Services

Ponis Metal is a professional company where you can get service for all kinds of sheet cutting, from plasma cutting to cutting stainless pipes to sheets with high sheet thicknesses, according to your request; With stainless laser cutting application, sheets with high sheet thickness or large dimensions; It cuts various sizes and shapes on cutting plasma such as round, square, rectangular and triangular. In addition, heat-resistant stainless steel sheet metal cutting materials are cut to the size you want in a short time and delivered to you.

However, as a company, we have a request from you. It is very important that you provide us with clear measurements of the material to be made. Because in stainless laser cutting and stainless sheet cutting applications, burns occur at the cutting points, this important issue must be taken into consideration during production.

The share sizes that need to be left are as follows: 20mm for an average material, 5mm for thinner sheet materials, and 15-20 for very thick materials. You can think of it as mm.

What are the Advantages of Stainless Sheets?

  • It has the widest range in terms of usage area.
  • It does not lose its properties thanks to heat treatments and is also used in kitchenware thanks to its resistance to high temperatures. This provides a great advantage as it is anti-bacterial.
  • The biggest advantage of stainless sheet metal is that its maintenance cost is cheap.
  • Stainless steel sheets have a smooth surface and are ready for use without any special protection or painting process, due to the high importance of surface quality.

Stainless Sheet Features

  • Stainless sheets are widely used in many areas where high temperatures occur, as they have high resistance to high temperatures.
  • It provides a strong saving opportunity as it offers long-lasting use and low cost.
  • It also has high oxidation resistance.
  • It has a glossy appearance but can be made matte if desired.
  • It has hygienic properties. Therefore, it is widely used in the food industry and medical fields.
  • It has high levels of corrosion resistance.

Where are Stainless Sheets Used?

  • It is used in architectural areas because it has a bright appearance.
  • It is widely used at points in contact with water and in areas with strong resistance to corrosion and aesthetic concerns.
  • Because it is resistant to high temperatures; It is preferred in the medical industry, food-kitchen industry, and automotive industry.
  • In chemical and petroleum fields,
  • Photography industry,
  • Construction industry,
  • Home appliances,
  • Exhaust pipes,
  • It is also used in storage tanks.

Ponis Metal for All Sheet Metal Cutting Processes

As a company, we offer permanent solutions to meet your expectations and needs in all your stainless cutting and laser cutting processes. As the Ponis Metal team, we add value to your projects by constantly updating ourselves and working tirelessly and passionately to provide you with a quality service, a problem-free experience in the long term, and customer satisfaction. We are always at your service with our expert team, with pre-sales technical support and after-sales company warranty. If you want to discover Ponis Metal's qualified service immediately, contact us with one click.

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