Our stainless steel panels are used specifically for lighting and/or power distribution. In more special cases, stainless electrical panels and/or stainless panels are preferred in industrial areas because they are resistant to harsh conditions. At Ponis Metal, we guarantee that you can expect a high degree of quality, safety, and protection for the stainless panels we produce.

The body of our panels is made of 1.5 mm 304 quality stainless steel. To protect the surface of the panels, baking technology is used after painting with electrostatic powder. Thus, the products we manufacture specifically for you are of maximum durability and safety.paslanmaz-pano-detay.jpeg

Stainless Panel Usage Area

Stainless steel panels are preferred especially in humid areas or in situations where there is a danger of corrosion.

Why Should You Choose Ponis Metal Stainless Panels or Stainless Electrical Panels?

As Ponis Metal, we are proud of our products. Here are the topics you will not be disappointed with when you choose us:

  • Fast and on-time delivery
  • Our products are of high quality
  • Having the opportunity to benefit from quality customer service
  • Meet a reliable production partner for your future work

Stainless Panel Manufacturing

The process steps followed in the production of stainless panels are as follows:

  • Sheet metal dimensions that will be suitable for use in panels are calculated on the computer. Computer software prepared with the latest technology is used in the calculation in question.
  • The material to be used for the panel model drawn with special software is placed in the sheet metal processing machine and the product is manufactured with maximum care.
  • In the final stage, the product is painted and the product is made ready for assembly. The thickness and quality of the paint used at this stage directly affect the durability and lifespan of the panel.

Manufactured stainless panel covers are examined in 4 main groups according to their purpose of use:

  • Bottom cover
  • Side cover
  • Top cover
  • Sticker Cover

Stainless Panel Prices

The answer to the question "How does choosing us turn into a cost increase for you?" is in the following points:

  • Ability to produce uninterrupted production
  • Less overtime required
  • Making transactions more efficient

Get the best quality product with the advantage of competitive prices and professional service. The services we provide to you in this field are:

  • Provide free samples, (standard samples can be provided immediately. Customized samples will be delivered in about 3-5 working days)
  • Obtain the quality certificates that we will provide with the shipment
  • Getting convenience in payment methods.

Other points on which we are assertive as Ponis Metal are:

  • It employs more technical staff than other companies.
  • Our prices are more competitive than other companies.
  • We have no rivals in our after-sales services.

Since we always have a future-oriented vision in our work, as Ponis Metal, we consider customer satisfaction before commercial profit in our sales. For us, our customers are not individuals that we will not see after the sale, but they are our future business partners that we include in our Ponis Metal family.

Contact us immediately for a special offer. You can reach us using our contact information.

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