In construction areas, it is very important to design, produce, and use panels appropriately. These panels are important in performing the desired works of construction sites. It is possible to benefit from panels produced by different methods to create an efficient working environment. There are different types of panels. This variety generally varies according to the material used and the capacity.

Construction site panels, which should be selected according to the areas used, are indispensable for construction. At Ponis Metal, you can examine dozens of different panel types we produce, and you can order the product you want at advantageous prices.


What is a Construction Site Panels?


Panels vary according to their usage areas. Panels produced in different models have features according to the area where they will be used. Therefore, the properties of dash panels can include many different variables. Construction site panels in this variety are used in the energy distribution of the buildings that have started to be built. They can also be referred to as temporary electricity distributors.

Different materials can be used in the panel depending on the variety. In general, it is possible to see materials such as meters, fuses, signal lamps, single and three extra sockets, and switches. The most important feature of these products is that they are designed to withstand harsh conditions. Construction site panels used in construction sites and industrial facilities are produced in extremely long-lasting, durable, and high-quality materials.



Construction Site Panel Features


Construction site panel models have many different options. These options are generally related to the materials inside the panel. Different materials can come together on these panels. This is the main reason for capacity differences. However, it is possible to find panels in different styles and sizes. When choosing among models, it is necessary to consider the amount of information that needs to be displayed.

The varieties of construction site panels have many different models, but their common feature is to divide the power supply into auxiliary tasks. In addition, each circuit in the common enclosure is a component of the electrical system that provides a separate protective fuse or circuit breaker.

Panel safety is one of the issues that should be considered in all construction site panels. Under normal conditions, on the main switch or end cards; There are residual current devices or residual current breakers with overcurrent protection. Typically, you can find circuit breakers positioned in two columns that can be operated from the front in distribution cabinets. These are placed in a sheet metal housing.

In some construction site panel models, the breaker key is provided by a door that closes the handles. In other words, the front part of the housing prevents it from coming into contact with live electrical parts inside the circuit breaker. Bolted cutters are used in commercial and industrial applications, while panel panels are also more common.

When viewed from the outside, the construction site panels are seen in the form of a metal cabinet. The designs of these panels can also be extremely stylish and aesthetic. In areas such as construction, as well as in hazardous areas such as petrochemical plants, the use of these electrical panels is required with regulations.


Types of Construction Site Panels


The types of construction site panels vary according to their usage areas. This diversity is also reflected in the materials of production. The materials of the panels are generally produced from hard plastics or steel materials. In addition, stainless steel and aluminum are often preferred. Steel cabinets are very durable and high-quality products. These cabinets can be produced as galvanized or painted. Mass-produced enclosures generally have customized housing. For panels that are specially produced and used in smaller systems, a standard enclosure is made.

Plastic enclosures are generally designed for applications used in indoor environments. Glass-reinforced, polycarbonate, fiberglass boxes are used where stronger panels are required. In addition, these panels may have gaskets to keep dust and moisture out.

Metal cabinets, on the other hand, generally protect closed equipment from electromagnetic interference. In addition, they meet the conductivity requirement for the electrical safety connection.


What's in the Construction Site Panel?


Energy is a need that has become mandatory in almost all areas of life. Energy needs must also be met correctly on construction sites. For this reason, there is definitely an electrical panel in construction areas. The materials in the panel vary according to the preferred model. However, these materials must be complete. In this way, an efficient and complete work can be carried out.

The materials in the construction site panels are generally switches, fuses, meters, signal lamps, and single and three-phase sockets.


What Should You Consider When Choosing a Construction Site Panel?


When choosing a construction site panel, you must first determine your needs. You should keep in mind that you can choose different types of panels depending on your needs. Besides that, you should also take into account where the panel will be located. Dimensions play an important role here. At the same time, depending on the area in which it is located, you should consider environmental factors and choose a model accordingly.

Construction sites are very dangerous areas. In these fields, the panels may be affected by impact and impact at any time. For this reason, your panel should be selected accordingly. Another factor that you need to pay attention to is security. You can accommodate high-cost equipment in the panel. For this reason, the security of the panel is very important.

In addition to all these, you can choose a quality construction site panel by paying attention to features such as the colors of the panels, window addition features, installation status, and weight.


Construction Site Panel Prices


Construction site panel prices will vary according to the technical specifications of the product you prefer. In addition, how many products you will buy is also an effective factor in prices. Many different construction panels can be preferred for different construction projects. This has caused the price scale to expand a lot. If you want to buy a good construction site panel, you should also consider the price-performance features.

As Ponis Metal, we produce all kinds of construction site panels you may need. You can choose any of these panels or you can apply to us with your special design requests. By contacting us immediately, you can get information about construction site panels from our expert team and evaluate our advantageous offers.

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