Electrical panels are used in order to ensure the smoother and healthier operation of the electrical system as well as its control. Electrical panels are used almost everywhere today. You can often see this type of panels in your homes, workplaces, and industrial facilities. The equipment in these panels is used to cut off the electricity and control the current.

In addition to having a wide range of uses, electrical panels have varieties produced from different materials depending on their usage areas. In addition to sheet metal models, plastic panels are one of the products that have been widely used due to the advantages they provide. Thanks to the plastic panels, it can be ensured that the electrical installation is extremely safe. However, these systems ensure that the electrical installation is much more robust and long-lasting. Plastic electrical panels stand out with their wide range of uses and many advantages.

As Ponis Metal, we produce all kinds of plastic panels you need. By contacting us, you can get detailed information about both standard models and special designs.


What Do Plastic Panels Do?


There are many types of plastic panels. For this reason, they have various features. Today, there are types that are used in many ways. It can be used to store things or store anything at home, at work, or in the office. Available in non-capplet models at the inn of automatic types with a lid. Products that need to be used for fixing them to the wall are cheap because they are plastic.

In addition, the product, which seems so simple, responds to the needs with its usage. For this reason, it is frequently used and purchased. Although it may seem simple to reach us in this process, it contributes to the quality of these products.


Ensure Your Safety with Plastic Panel Types


There are many different types of plastic panels. These are known by names such as mainstream panel, fuse panel, and synchronization panel. These panels differ from each other in terms of production materials, sizes, and features. In addition, various plastic panel models can be mounted flush mounted or on plaster.

Although plastic panels attract attention with their aesthetic appearance, they are preferred especially due to the advantages they provide in terms of conductivity. The use of these panels is developing day by day. The most striking models in plastic panels are ABS types. ABS plastic panel types are products made of very robust materials against external factors.


ABS Plastic Panels


ABS plastic panels are one of the most preferred types in many different sectors. In addition to being very light, it stands out for being a hard material. Although ABS is referred to as plastic, it is essentially not plastic. Due to the similarity, this name began to be used. From auto parts to toys, pipes to helmets, the use of this plastic material is extremely common.

The most important factor in the emergence of ABS plastic panel types is that they are very durable. For this reason, it is highly preferred in construction and industrial areas. The durability of the protection outside the panel and its stretching even at low temperatures are among the biggest advantages of ABS panels.


Where Are Plastic Panels Used?


Plastic electrical panels attract attention with their use in many different areas. Depending on the usage areas, these panels may have different technical features and content. Large panels that contain the main electrical inputs in home environments and fuse-type panels to control the electric current in the room are some of the examples that can be given for this use. Again, due to its lightweight in industrial areas, the use of plastic panels is becoming widespread.

The properties of the panels used in industrial facilities are also determined accordingly. These panels are generally designed to operate at medium and high voltage. Due to the fact that it removes the risks associated with electricity, you can encounter this type of product in all industrial facilities. Since it can also control leakage currents, it is one of the important products for safety.


What are the Advantages of Plastic Panels?


Plastic panels have many different advantages compared to old types. Due to these advantages, it is preferred more and more every day. Being extremely reliable is one of these features. In addition, plastic panels are very durable products. They exhibit high resistance to impacts and impacts. The fact that it offers a cleaner use and looks better aesthetically can be counted as another plus. Plastic electrical panels also attract attention with their longevity.

In addition to their technical features, they can be produced in different colors and sizes as other advantages. Again, these panels can be designed as flush-mounted or surface-mounted.


Prices of Plastic Panels


Plastic panels come in many different varieties and models. Each model in this product range may have its own technical and physical features. From this point of view, prices also have a wide range. It is impossible to give clear figures about plastic panel prices. The main reason for this is the special design demands. Depending on the demand, the costs of the panels may increase or decrease.

The prices of plastic panels can be very advantageous when compared to other types. One of the main reasons for this is that it is produced with long-lasting materials. In this way, when you buy a single panel, you can use the same product for years. In the long run, this will reflect positively on your budget.

As Ponis Metal, we respond to all of your plastic electrical panel needs! Our modern production facilities, experienced staff, and expert engineers will offer you many alternative solutions after listening to what kind of plastic panel you need. Among these solutions, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. You can contact us immediately to evaluate quality plastic panel types, to get much more detailed information about our products, and to take advantage of our advantageous price offers.

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