Piano board; In machines and automation systems, it is called the metal box structure designed for control or command to facilitate the difficulties of use of people. The reason why these boards are called piano boards is that they physically resemble a piano. Since it is used in general industrial areas, most of it is based on metal materials. The electrical unit is based on the lower part of this product, and the control part that users can control is placed on the upper part.

It was very curious why the main material of the piano board, which has been frequently mentioned recently, is metal-based. The durability of this product, which is generally used in automation systems, is very important. Therefore, metal material is used for the high durability of the piano board.

Piano panels, which make the work of people in the machinery industry much easier, provide both serial and efficient operation and are also used to eliminate the reasons and reasons that increase the production quality.

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How Are the Dimensions of Piano Panels Determined?

Piano panels, which are designed in sizes suitable for the factory environment due to their use in the machinery industry, are generally suitable for human height because people use them. The width of this product, which is sized according to human height, is also very important in order to make the difficult working conditions in the machinery industry a little more comfortable. According to the size of the machine, the ease of control by the user, practicality, and seriality are directly proportional.
The large size of the panels provides many advantages where they are used. For example, having a board with large dimensions; ensures the emergence of a serial and quality production. In addition, people get their work done in a shorter time and more easily.

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As Piano Boards Diversify, Do They Change In Shape?

One of the most frequently asked questions from our valued customers is whether the shapes of piano boards change as they diversify. First of all, although piano boards come in many different models, the function of the panels is more important than the shape. When determining the models of the piano boards, the electronic materials that will work on them are also taken into account.

This machine needs to be suitable for the area of use. Otherwise, problems may occur in the electrical system. Since heavier parts are generally preferred on the base of the machine, the base sheet is widely used. Electronic parts are placed on top of the base sheet in a certain order. At the top of the piano panels where the control mechanism is located, users are expected to control it. The design, which is created by paying attention to the comfort of use of people, especially the quality, varies according to the needs and the situation.

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