Product Description

In areas where electrical energy is used, energy measurement and security must be ensured at the highest levels. To control such situations, electricity meter panels should be used. Meter panels that allow you to get detailed information are designed according to the type of electrical power. Meter panels designed for monophase and three-phase meters are produced in different ways as surface-mounted and flush-mounted.

In addition to monitoring electricity consumption, meter panels can also be produced by the locations of water meters, fuse boxes, and in-building stair automatic fuses. Designed with 1st class-quality materials, there are many different options among the meter panel models that may suit your needs.


Meter Panel Prices


You may also need to consider your budget when choosing meter panels, each of which has a different usage area. Among the meter panel prices, different types of price options can adapt to every person's budget. As Ponis Pano, the meter panels we specially offer to you attract attention with their economical price options and functional features.

You can continue to use meter panel models that are resistant to environmental factors for many years after choosing and installing them correctly. You can contact our team about the prices and technical specifications of meter panels that can adapt to your spaces and systems.

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