Hinges are among the tools you can use in electrical panels to enable these systems to be opened and closed more easily. Among the hinge models generally designed from metal materials, there are hinge models designed from many different materials. It is used to open panel covers more easily by fixing them to the areas where they are used. Hinges mostly work with the help of a rotatable axis and pins.

How Do Hinge Models Work?

Hinge types have different shapes depending on the area they are used in and their production features. These products, applied between the panels and their edges, enable the panels to be opened and closed easily. Hinges produced in different colors and models can also be selected according to the color of the panels. Hinges, which are generally produced flat and without motifs, enable you to use the panels reliably.

There are different types of hinges produced according to the characteristics of the materials from which electrical panels are produced. One side of the hinges is placed inside the inside of the panel, while the other parts are placed on the outside of the panel. Special hinge models with special mechanisms are also produced to close the panels more slowly and reliably.

What are Hinge Prices?

Hinges with functional features are offered to you with special price options. Hinge prices may vary depending on the technical specifications and dimensions of the product you choose. Fixing both parts of the hinges, which are produced in two separate parts, is extremely important for the correct installation.

Hinge models with spring mechanisms can also be produced. You can also choose spring hinges specially produced for panels that can be opened on both sides. Thanks to the system inside the spring hinges, it is possible to open the panels in both directions and then return them to their previous state. When choosing among hinges, you may need to pay attention to some details.

When choosing, it will be sufficient to first consider your usage area and the technical features of your panels. In this way, you can continue to use the hinges you choose durably for many years. You can. You can also purchase hinges, which are suitable for different types of panels and are among the panel accessories, by browsing our product catalogs.

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