When it comes to decoration, one of the first words that comes to mind is ornament. The word ornament, which has such a common meaning that it can even be used instead of the word decoration among the public, has changed a lot in recent years, both in terms of raw materials and design, compared to the past.

Just as ornaments come to mind when the decoration is mentioned, the first expression that comes to mind when ornaments are mentioned is the expression "wall decoration". Since the invention of writing, humanity has always found something to decorate the walls and make them look more beautiful. This can be understood from the fact that even in ancient times, people drew animal figures on the walls. The ornaments hung on the walls since ancient times have always varied over time. According to the possibilities of the age, human beings have always found something to hang on the walls.

Until 30-40 years ago, people used to hang paintings on the walls, usually depicting flowers and landscapes, which they embroidered on special cloths like lace. The incredible change and excellent opportunities of technology have led to great innovations in the field of wall decoration, as in every field. At the latest point, wooden and metal wall decorations are produced with laser cutting machines. You don't have to wait for weeks or days to see a much more desired figure on your wall in a much shorter time than in the past. Laser-cutting machines cut the pattern or figure you want in just a few minutes and present it to you as a wall decoration.

Laser-cut wall decorations are produced by applying ready-made designs from manufacturers to sheets a few millimeters thick. In addition, wall decorations with different designs can be produced by making changes to the customer's own design or existing design. Laser-cutting technology, which acts entirely according to the user's imagination, is used in many areas today.

Laser-cut wall ornaments can be produced in different sizes and designs and sold in DIY stores and supermarkets. In addition to these ready-made laser-cut wall decorations, you can also have a design of your own choice cut on laser-cutting machines.

İkitelli Laser Cut Wall Decorationlazer-kesim-duvar-susu-ikitelli.jpeg

İkitelli is a region where the largest and most reliable companies are located in the field of laser cutting wall decorations, as in many other production areas. It is now very easy for you to find a company that produces laser-cut wall hangings in İkitelli, one of the largest industrial areas of Turkey. Ponis Metal, one of the companies that has proven itself in this field, produces specially designed products in line with the wishes of its customers while producing thousands of designs within its own structure.

It should not be forgotten that the İkitelli industrial zone is the industrial zone where many wholesalers supply their products. Many manufacturers sell the products they produce in this region both retail and wholesale. Laser-cut walls are one of the decoration products suitable for sale both wholesale and retail.

You can come to İkitelli region, where we operate as Ponis Metal, and buy the wall hanging with the design you want or make a special order. As Ponis Metal, we can easily produce all kinds of specially designed panels with our most advanced laser cutting machines, with years of knowledge and experience.

Having custom-designed laser-cut wall hangings may take a little more time than having other in-stock items. You can find laser-cut wall decorations waiting on the shelves in DIY stores or supermarkets. However, if you want to carry out your wall decoration shopping without any problems, the first place you can contact is our call center. Our staff at the call center can answer all your questions by offering you examples of our laser-cutting models. If all your questions and hesitations in your mind are gone, you can place your order through our call center.

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