Especially in terms of the IT sector, IT networks and server cabinets are among the indispensable products. These products, which are preferred by many different companies, are used in IT departments and system rooms. These cabins have an important place both in terms of regulation and safety.

IT network and server cabinets, which have special production, play an important role in the harmony of all active and passive elements in the network. These products reliably protect equipment with extremely high financial value. Firewall, modem, router, switch, switchboard, and PC equipment can also be placed in the cabinets.

With the developing technology, it has become necessary to use server cabinets due to the advanced technology products used in many homes and workplaces. Cabins prevent damage to equipment against all kinds of damage that may come from outside. In addition, the data pool has become an indispensable product in system rooms due to its security and practical accessibility.

The door types of these cabins stand at an important point. In freestanding network cabinets, the front door is used as a glass door and the back door is used as a metal door. These types of cabinets do not require refrigeration. These cabinets have brushed cable entries on the lower chassis. 4 19-inch mounting posts move along the depth of the cabinet. These products are generally used in areas such as data processing centers. Rack cabinet models have different sizes and dimensions. According to its dimensions, there are two different types: wall-mounted cabin and free-standing type cabin.

It is possible to examine IT network and server cabinets in 3 different categories. These; are network server cabinets, network distribution cabinets, and distributor rack cabinets.

Network Server Cabinets

The task of network server cabinets is that distribution operations can be carried out from a single region and control can be provided from the same region. In addition, network server cabinets also create protection areas. Among these cabins, there are also some options with different usage areas.

When choosing a network server cabinet, you need to determine your needs, expectations, and demands correctly. For this purpose, conducting extensive research will be advantageous. The area involved in the selection of a network server cabinet is a very important criterion. Depending on this, different sizes and models can be preferred. Thanks to these cabins, you can have the ability to perform distribution operations practically. The assembly process of these cabins is also very simple.

Network server cabinets, which make special network equipment both safer and more organized in workplaces and offices, can be designed in standard sizes. In addition, it can be specially designed. The criterion here is your expectations and demands.

Network Distribution Cabinets

Data centers require more and more IT equipment. This leads to network connections becoming more complex and difficult. It is critical that the functioning of data centers proceeds in a healthy and orderly manner. For this reason, some factors should be considered for better operation.

In these centers, some special devices, tools, and accessories are needed to reduce latency and increase security. This equipment can be installed inside or outside the cabinets. However, it is a much safer method to have many complex equipment such as patch panels in the panels.

Network distribution cabinets offer flexible and professional solutions to these security and regulatory needs. Thanks to these cabinets, your systems can be used in a much more reliable, functional, and practical way. Network distribution cabinets located between wall-mounted cabinets are highly resistant to environmental factors. In addition, it has a very practical use as it can be easily opened and closed. Network distribution cabinets are produced in different ways according to their usage areas. You can choose any of these different types of models. When choosing, you need to consider the dimensions and needs of your workplace. With these network-type cabinets, the cables you use for network distribution operations will stay together in a much more organized way, and your devices, which can be quite expensive, will be stored in a much more reliable environment.

Network distribution cabinets, which you can easily use for many years, are also produced to be an aesthetic solution to all your needs. These cabins are options that adapt to their environment with their aesthetic stance.

Distributor Rack Cabinets

Distributor rack cabinets are among the products that have many different uses. These devices act as distributors. In order to perform this task reliably and quickly, distributor rack cabinets should be used. Thanks to the free-standing rack cabinets, network distribution operations in workplaces and offices can be carried out simply and practically.

Installation of freestanding rack cabinets is also an extremely practical process. After installation, the cabins can be used. These cabinets are especially preferred by companies that need IT networks and servers. Distributor rack cabinets are also used as server and network distribution cabinets. The cabinets, which allow you to get rid of the cable crowd, also have a very decorative design.

Dimensions are one of the factors to be considered when choosing a free-standing rack cabinet. These dimensions should be compatible with the area where you will put the cabin in your workplace. Distributor rack cabinets, which save space, are very long-lasting devices. Thanks to these cabinets, which are highly resistant to impacts, heat, and scratches, you can ensure the security of your network.

You can also choose a suitable IT network and server cabinet according to the needs of your home, workplace, or office. It will always be advantageous to get help from a professional point of view in the selection of these cabins. You can contact us immediately to determine the cabin you need and to find a cabin that meets your expectations; You can meet our solutions suitable for you.

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