Hardware trolleys are generally widely used in the maintenance and repair services of factories and the automotive industry. In addition, you can come across these cars in different sectors where machines that require maintenance and repair are used.

The main purpose of hardware trolleys is to provide you with fast and practical access to frequently used hand tools. In addition, they prevent these hand tools from being lost with their storage feature. It is possible to find hardware trolleys with shelves or drawers, as well as options in different designs.

Hardware trolleys are manufactured from sheet steel construction. This makes them highly resistant to bumps and scratches. In addition, the drawers of these cars are highly secure. Hardware trolleys with drawers have an average carrying capacity of 50 kg. These cars can have different sizes and features. Models with 5 drawers are generally preferred in cars. In addition, they allow easy movement with their wheels. Tool cars have models in different colors and options.

If you have a business where maintenance and repair operations are carried out, team cars will greatly facilitate the work of your technical staff.


Hardware Trolley Models


Hardware trolley models can have many different features and options. All of these models help personnel carry heavy loads at once with their wheeled design. You can choose according to your needs among the models with different carrying capacities.

All hardware trolley models have a brake feature on the wheels. In this way, a safer use is possible. Besides that, these cars are designed for heavy-duty use. You can drive these cars with the help of manpower without any problems. At the same time, all drawers and doors are lockable. This makes it possible to transport hand tools safely.

Push-button latch systems are used to prevent the drawers in the hardware trolleys from opening automatically. The size of the load you can carry in drawer models is determined as 40 kg. To ensure the paint durability of the hardware trolley models in different colors, the phosphating process is applied first. In addition, rough powder paints are used to take precautions against impacts and scratches.

Five-drawer hardware trolleys are one of the most widely used models in workplaces. These drawers may have different features. One of the most frequently used models has 3 x 120' and 2 x 200' drawers. These hardware trolleys, which have a carrying capacity of 45 kg, have different color options.

In addition, sideways and five-drawer hardware trolley models are also widely preferred. These options have a carrying capacity of 48 kg.

The team trolleys, which you can choose from color options such as orange, blue, and red, have a carrying capacity of 34 kg. These trolleys have 4 x 120 cm and 1 x 200 drawers.

All hardware trolleys are designed with wheels, and a special lever is placed to push the trolley.


Where Are Hardware Trolleys Used?


Hardware trolleys have a wide range of uses. These hardware trolleys are often used in industrial areas. You can often come across these cars in the maintenance and repair departments of factories. In addition, the other area where it is used the most is the automotive industry.

You can also find tool cars in public buildings, markets, and shopping malls. In bulk and large-volume places like this, hardware trolleys are often needed. It is also possible to perform many different operations with team cars, which are one of the biggest assistants of technical personnel.

You can examine all the alternatives available at Ponis Metal to examine different hardware trolley models and choose an option that suits your needs.


What are the Advantages of Using a Hardware Trolley?


Hardware trolleys are widely used in industrial enterprises. There are many different reasons for this. Due to the advantages, it provides, hardware trolleys, which are frequently used by technical personnel, are one of the must-haves in large-volume factories.

Some of the advantages of tool cars can be listed as follows;

  • Depending on the model you choose, it can collect around 60 tools in one place.
  • Models with a large number of drawers are very useful. In this way, you can divide all hand tools into groups.
  • Thanks to its wheels, you can easily move all hand tools from one place to another.
  • Because it is made of durable materials such as sheet steel, you can use the hardware trolley you buy once for many years.
  • Thanks to the safety measures in the drawers, you can minimize the risk of accidents.
  • Moving all the materials at once helps you save time.
  • Keeping hand tools in one place will also minimize the possibility of getting lost.

Hardware Trolley Prices


Hardware trolleys provide many advantages and benefits for businesses. Thanks to these cars, you can save time and effort. This will be reflected in your budget in the long run.

There are some factors that you should pay attention to when choosing a trolley. First of all, you should determine what needs you have in the area where you will use the trolley. After determining your needs, you can decide what kind of hardware trolley model you prefer. Since more hand tools have to be used in some areas, you can turn to models with high carrying capacity. Conversely, where fewer tools need to be carried, low-capacity models will meet all your needs. It is also possible to choose the number and model of drawers according to your needs. At the same time, you can choose tool cars of different colors in terms of aesthetics.

In terms of tool car prices, it is not possible to give a single figure. The technical characteristics and capacities of the tool cars are the main factors that affect the prices. As the carrying capacity of the hardware trolley increases, prices will also trend upwards.

By buying hardware trolleys for your factory or business, you can make the work of your technical staff much easier. At Ponis Metal, you can find tool cars in different colors and options. You can get an offer immediately by choosing the model you need among these hardware trolleys. By contacting us, you can get detailed information about team cars and get answers to all your questions.

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