Ship main distribution panels are the center where all communication systems required by the ship are controlled. Ship main distribution panels transmit the energy received from the generator to the receivers as electrical energy. The energy conversion carried out by the copper busbars is used in all the vital equipment of the ship.

Ship main distribution panel needs can be supplied and supplied at any time of the day. It is safely ordered installed and put into use as soon as possible. To have Ponis metal products, orders can be created by communicating with unlimited time.


Ship Main Distribution Panel Features


Ship main distribution panels are units that supply all the technical equipment of the ship with electric current. Ship main distribution panels convert the energy received from the generator and make it available as electricity. Among the types of ship panels, there are types such as generators, main panels, electrical panels, and secondary panels. Among the types of ship panels, there are two types of reinforcement Main Switchpanel or Emergency Switchboard.

Ponis Metal proves its difference with its world-class productions and professional team. Ship panels are shaped horizontally-vertically according to their usage areas. Among the features of Ponis panels are high quality and compliance with standards. The electrical system provides communication from the ship's main command center to the engine room.

Thanks to the protective systems in the ship panels, safe and efficient energy can be used. Thanks to the cutting and protective equipment in the ship panels, work and worker safety can also be ensured. Ship panels that require high engineering work must be installed by professionals. Energy can be transmitted to the system with copper busbars located between the generator and the energy current.


Things to Consider When Choosing Ship Panels


Ship panels are vital equipment for both the ship and the crew. Those who need a ship panel can communicate and create orders at any time of the day. Ponis metal products can be the first choice in terms of technical equipment and visual design in the panel. The electrical distribution panel provides all the energy of the ship.

Ship panels called Swichboar are very important systems. By generating the necessary energy, they protect the generators, the receivers, and themselves at the same time. There are many details in the ship panels, from electrical command and control buttons to the display screen and signal lamps. Panels that provide energy to all points needed by the ship require high security and uninterrupted efficiency.

It is produced at the maximum level of control in order not to allow the slightest disruption on the ship. In this respect, Ponis metal products, which are safely preferred, are the best in the industry. Those who need a ship panel from their location can get products and installation services by contacting them. Ponis metal ship panels are a marvel of engineering by area.


Ship Main Distribution Panel Prices


Ship main distribution panels have a wide range of uses. Ship main distribution panels are used in all small and large marine vehicles. In addition, reinforcement systems such as ship panels, known as electrical panels, are also used in homes, workplaces, and factories. Because the energy supplied by energy distribution companies cannot be used directly.

It must be transformed and put into healthy use. Electrical panels are the most important system equipment at this point. When it comes to electrical panel prices, it would be correct to say that they are determined according to the needs. Small-scale ship panels and large-scale ship panels cannot be at the same price. Ship panels are located in the safest area of the ship.

Ship panel prices are determined according to production and technical equipment. Ponis metal ship panels, which are fully produced and put into use, will serve safely for many years. Ponis metal products, where price and quality are not equal, always offer high quality at low economic value.


Who is Ponis Metal?


Ponis Metal carefully follows all the developments of the world and evaluates them in its production. The ship panel is responsible for providing the electrical energy needed at all points of the ship. Ponis Metal is a manufacturing company working with many years of experience and experience. He knows that; The better they can use technology, the more their production will increase and the weight falling on people will decrease.

With this belief, it provides services to the sector with numerous products on the production line. By offering high quality at an affordable price, customer satisfaction works as a priority. In addition to ship panels, it also produces heater-cooler elements and panel accessories.

It continues on its way by increasing its product variety and efficiency day by day. The engineering staff has become professional in the sector by receiving the best training in the field. He continues to work by believing in the positive effect of teamwork and job description on production.


Details Available on the Ship Main Distribution Panels


The technical equipment in the ship panels positively affects the efficiency. For this reason, Ponis Metal continues to grow by incorporating technology possibilities into its production. It gives confidence by taking the first place among the manufacturers of the sector. Ponis Metal meticulously develops all its technical and electronic equipment.

Ship panels, which are primarily designed by experts, are designed and installed according to the usage area and needs. Electrical panels, which can be owned with the assurance of the company, provide high security. The company, which accepts user satisfaction as its primary goal, aims for maximum efficiency in its products.

It offers all its products at an affordable price and a high-quality guarantee. In addition to ship panel fittings, there are also accessories and air conditioning mechanisms. Ponis Metal aims for uninterrupted efficiency in all ship panel productions. It continues on its way with the peace and pride of gaining customer satisfaction.

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