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Free-standing type control panels have many different wide areas of use. Automation systems are at the top of the areas where these products are used. It is used in control panels and many different areas of the energy sector. Free-standing-type control panels, which are one of the most important needs of the lighting sector, also have a secure lock feature.

Secure lock features allow you to make better use of the functional features of the panels while at the same time increasing their reliability. Standing-type control panels that you can protect against third parties are designed to be resistant to environmental factors. Products that are resistant to scratches, impacts, and problems that may arise from spaces are designed with 1st class-quality materials and presented to you.


Freestanding Type Control Panels Prices


Products designed with world quality standards also have an extremely stylish appearance in decorative terms. As Ponis Pano, we offer you products that you can use in your spaces in a way that can be advantageous in terms of decoration.

Among the prices of free-standing type control panels, different options can be suitable for every person's budget. Pricing may vary according to the technical features, dimensions, and brand of the products. By taking a look at various models that can adapt to your different needs and budgets, you can have products that you can use for many years without any problems. You can contact our team for pricing and technical specifications of the products.

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