Product Description

External-type capped enclosures are generally designed for outdoor use. Guide bolts used in the body and door parts provide grounding continuity to the cabinet. External-type capped enclosures, which can be produced as panel welded or modular, appeal to wide usage areas with their different designs.

External-type flat panels with a hinged front door with a three-point locking mechanism are among the products with high door strength. External-type hat enclosures with removable screw back and side covers can be easily mounted in different areas.

Designed to be resistant to environmental factors, external-type capped panels are also suitable for use in industrial areas. You can use products that can provide resistance against scratches, impacts, and spatial factors for many years without the need for additional maintenance or repair.

External Type Cap Panel Prices


Panels are reinforced with paints with electrostatic surface protection. As Ser Rezistans, some options can adapt to every person's budget among the external type hat panel prices that we specially offer to you. Pricing may vary according to the technical specifications, materials, and dimensions of the products.

If you think you are inexperienced in the installation of products that are easy to install, you can get support from our team. If you wish, you can also contact our team about product prices and technical specifications.

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